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Watch for the sweet tooth Watch for the sweet tooth


Always a bad mood, especially in the workplace? In the morning do not have time for breakfast, and all along the way is expensive and not tasty? I’m tired of eating dry sandwiches are not nutritious? Worried that the chief catches for eating food and depremiruet? The new gadget in the form of pink, very glamorous watches, or has any in particular any office worker. Imagine that every hour, as if by magic, or at your volition rasschedrivayutsya watch on a chocolate ball.

This gift comes every hour. However, with the help of hours may develop reflex salivation, and a couple of some nerve irritation. But this is what anyone mined who would enjoy a small ball on the contrary those who get irritated and “tear his hair.” Hours of mind similar to ordinary Chinese alarm clock, but in a nice pink color. With not a big niche in the middle. Soft, silent mechanism of rotation arrows achieved through innovative technologies. Working clock from three AA batteries. Capacity chocolate delight about thirty balls, that is, if the working day is eight hours, the total amount of chocolate joy enough for about three and a half working days. Another use for this watch: gift favorite, girl. Good mood and memories are provided hourly. Thanks will be remembering all the free time. Opening dimensions slightly greater than the small speakers for a computer, by weight, a little more than six grams and the color range consists of only three types: pink, green, and blue. There is such watch about 40 U.S. dollars in the retail online trading network. No batteries, no more so chocolate balls are not included. So, after acquiring the gadget will have to pay for pieces of joy and batteries.

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