Watch for an adult or an alarm clock with a twist. It is very difficult to get up in the morning after partying?



It is very difficult to get up in the morning after partying? Tired of terrible squeaking sound of an old, half-broken tone. At your bachelor abode there is no one to wake up, cuddle, making a very pleasant awakening? Then a new, unique of its kind alarm clock, which appeared on the market recently gadgets, you’ll like it. These things look very nice invention and attractive. Relatively large, equal to 1.8 “, LCD display with display time and good lighting. On such a big screen and there is morning ritual of awakening in the form of semi-nude blonde dancing around a pole.

There is also music, pleasant, and not always functional for razbudimosti tunes. After all, if in the morning, after nearly sleepless night, when the body is not recovered enough energy when the body is still poddergivaetsya, remembering the night dancing at a specific time set for the alarm clock, will play a pleasant melody, and half-naked girl will merge in a dance with a pole, the body probably does not want to wake up completely, fixing his gaze on poludremny this masterpiece. Device is suitable for more entertainment, such as at work to make five-minute break for lunch and enjoy the beautiful music and dance. Dimensions alarm pretty impressive: 12.09 cm x 10.11 cm x 20.5 cm, with the weight of 430 grams to carry around in your pocket is not a good idea. But peer into the gadget, if its size would be small, is not very desirable. Enjoy the dance can be as long as the AA batteries consisting of three pieces will show signs of life. When buying an alarm batteries not included, for hours working on button cells LR44, which is included in the package. In the gadget show a button, just in case you want to just enjoy the dance and listen to a pleasant melody. And there is a function nap, if this product is very tired, then you can use it just for show time. The most interesting option of using an alarm clock, it is a gift to your friend. Everyone will be happy to innovations in the field of technology and gadgets, plus will like a nice melody and beautiful blonde hair, dancing at the request just for you.

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