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New hoursNew hours


Want to break away from routine and dullness, want to stand out from the crowd with something interesting, but the phone is the next generation to have everyone, but “Rolleks” can not afford? This will help the new gadget “USB clock Konect”. Stylish design combines the classic steel strap, and the New York – art in the performance of the main body of the gadget. Clock in the form of two circles of blue and white colors. Which certainly adds some spice to these devices? On the USB clock Konect combine stylish watches, flash drive, which will be useful in any place, whether it’s an internet cafe or just a recreational park, MP3 player and even Skype. By the clock connects the wireless headset, made in a cross in the same interesting style with blue – white circles, resembling the relationship of intelligence science-fiction movie. With the headset hours turn into an MP3 player, and then as it is impossible to static and flash drive with a capacity of two gigabytes in handy. Although it is not clear is the next moment. How such a small thing could can combine so many unique features. It is not clear how device will be used as Skype – phone or SIM card or GSM antenna in it.

And about the ease of communication with permanently raised hand does not promise anything remarkable.
This “trick” was specifically designed for studio Tokyo flash. And if the Japanese bosses deign, then this device in the near future will go into series production. Initially, the projected market gadgets, watches will be produced in Asia. The price range is not known, but let’s hope for our brother is acceptable to the whole cost.

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