Unique Pocket Watches Bovet for auction Only Watch. For the September auction Only Watch 2011

Unique Pocket Watches


For the September auction Only Watch 2011 all the most famous Swiss companies have prepared an exclusive watch. However, Bovet, it seems, has presented perhaps the most trivial watch: both wrist and pocket, and even desktop if you wish. Such complex transformations hours made possible by a patented system Amadeo ® Convertible.

Unique Pocket Watches
Exclusive Watches Bovet are “concise,” the name of 7-day Tourbillon with reversed hand-fitting “Dragon & Phoenix and created a single copy specifically for the charity auction Only Watch.

The watch has a 44-mm shell of red gold, is waterproof to 30 meters. Watch as a double-sided and have two pairs of arrows tourbillon. The dial is decorated with one side engraved image of a dragon, which passes on the watch case. A second dial on the back of the case – engraved image of the phoenix. The most interesting clocks will be presented to fans of ancient mythology. And according to the preliminary assumptions, even likely go on an hour auction buyer from China.

Watch is equipped with a mechanism 13BM07AI hand-winding and power reserve of 7 days. Indication of seconds carried by a carriage mounted on the tourbillon flaming pearl of gold. And the remaining reserve of hours specified in the circular aperture in the “9 o’clock”.

Watch is equipped with a chain of red gold, to be worn as a pocket, and a brown alligator leather strap with gold buckle, so thanks to a special fastening system is easy to turn into a wristwatch.

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