U-Boat Thousands of feet MBY. When we first saw a colleague watch U-Boat on the modestly



When we first saw a colleague watch U-Boat on the modestly located on the stairwell at the exhibition stand in Basel in 2006, we even reflexively grabbed the railing, so they made a stunning impression. One look was enough, so we told each other “want” and rushed to measure this supermuzhestvennye model.

Usually, to evaluate the originality of a modern new brand, we must look closely for a long time to detail. The originality of U-Boat can be seen for ten meters. And not just, because they are very large – from 53 mm in diameter. The fact that the Italian designer Italo Fontana, in general, and not like a normal watch. He conceived the concept, which was embodied in this strange unusual case

Already one of the brand names it is clear what kind of watch it is. As we know, U-Boat (original title U-Boot) – a series of German submarines during World War II, aesthetically beautiful, technically advanced and horror at the allied fleet. For the first time the elusive and deadly U-boat U-Boat repeatedly became subjects for books and movies.

Well, watch, inspired by the way submarines – the theme is not new. But to make it attractive and somewhat shocking modern buyer takes real talent. Italo Fontana seven years, created the concept of U-Boat hours before to realize it in close partnership with the fashion guru Mounir Mufarizhem (Mounir Moufarrige). It is noteworthy that for calculating the parameters of the body and the development of individual parts Fontana used technology manufacturers of pocket watches XVIII and XIX centuries. He solved two problems: to provide housing high integrity, and the dial and Markings – highly readable, even in the complete absence of light.

Of course, in models of U-Boat show more than practicality. Even the inscription on the face of the waterproofing in the “thousands of feet” makes me think not about gay scuba diving, and the cold abyss, and dark sunken ships hymn De profundis. Thousands of feet!

Why do they live person? With the real water-resistant models in the series Thousands of feet are not prohibitive: 100-300 meters. But the mechanisms of these serious and brutal hours are set quite reliable – ETA 6497 manual winding, because that leads into the time, almost all hours.

Thousands of feet are made contrary to the laws of watch design and ergonomics. They look like real instruments since the Second World War, otkruchennye with one of the dashboards and the submarine “planted” on the strap. Thus we can say: Italo Fontana has put strong point in fashion at large and bright hours. Point bears the name U-Boat. And next to them for hours all the rest look feminine Lilliputians.

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