Two in one: a classic and novelty – Watches

classic and novelty classic and novelty


Novick’s taste for people who love clarity, coherence, and at the same time a kind of intricacy. On all these points a new watch from Tokyo flash firm fit over. Gadget, yet a concept, called Ferro watch a seemingly ordinary man’s watch. And in such a minimalist combination of classicism. But only at first glance, but if you dig a little deeper, then we have new technology, based on the properties of ferromagnetic fluids. This fluid, located in a watch, is very sensitive to magnetic fields.

Devaysom could surprise a teacher of physics, telling him about the clock, and their peers to plunge into a state of shocking surprise. In the hours there are two arrows that form the most liquid, and show times. Watches look like normal, black leather, matte black finish with clear glass, which shows two circles, of different sizes. From these circles, and begins the formation of two arrows. The clock shows the time in a horizontal position. If the arm is lowered, the fluid flows in one direction and the clock time does not show, but if you pick them up in a horizontal position on the dial as soon as seems the current time. The gadget has a wheel to take stock and management of time, in other that is present in every device under the name of the clock. A good gift for yourself, if you’re working for example in business, the envious glances of staff will not keep you waiting. A great gift for a friend, clear, original, clear and beautiful, all these combinations include this gadget. An excellent opportunity to stand out in the campaign before you likes a girl, telling all about the principle of action of these hours, using a couple of catchphrases from physics, but, without delving into the root. The girl will be delighted with the eloquence and of the sample, and the children will remain on the sidelines…

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