Time passes. All lovers of creative, post modernism and just good

Time passes


All lovers of creative, post modernism and just good, not cheap things in the performance of dedicated. This model will enjoy hours as a student, with his modern vision and outlook, and the older generation with an established view on the world of art and innovations in technology. A creative people such as artists, writers, and perhaps, even watch will be a source of inspiration. After all, any self-respecting man, whether a writer or an artist, historian or philosopher, or any other person with a creative and not just a profession knows who is Salvador Dali. Knows, or at least once heard, seen, tried to understand and even to discuss his great painting “Soft Watches“. People who prefer a life not just the standard things, any forces trying to seize the opportunities and creative approach to everything in general, these watches are suitable as an opportune moment.

The gadget is a large white dial with classic Roman numerals, chrome rimmed case. But the interesting thing is the form hours: they are made in the form of flowing over the surface, but still clinging to, the place where the gravitational force shamelessly trying to remove them. The gadget is powered by AA batteries, and his whole appearance reminds us about art and creativity, on non-standard perception of the world as a whole. Hours will like everything. They can give a friend as a birthday, a friend will be delighted with the unusual shape, and the family, such as his father, with a note: “Let the time for you stretches like this watch.” Yes, and in the office this gadget will always cheer up, and fit into any decor, and visitors can not sit still and do not ask about where to buy, ask povertet in hand, to cheer up myself and you. Buy this product, which sounds like the original Melting Bookshelf Clock, available in any online – shop for a ridiculous price, about $ 15.

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