The world premiere of the Blancpain Only Watch for

The world premiere of the Blancpain Only Watch for


Blancpain watch company introduced its watches, created specifically for the charity auction Only Watch, which will be held September 22 in Monaco.

Presented hour model Villeret Grande Decoration – an exquisite work of art. The main focus when creating this model was given clearance mechanism. “Front” side of the clock in classic and sleek. Clean and soft lines of the gold shell (45 mm) at first glance does not portend anything unusual. However, this is not true. The reverse side of watch open eyes and a fantastic picture of a refined, which contrasts with the calm and mature way model. Engraver Blancpain managed to create a unique mechanism, miniature, on which is engraved with the famous district of Monaco.

The model is equipped with the hyperfine mechanism caliber 15V with manual winding.

Profit from the charity auction is aimed weekdays on medical research of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This genetic disorder occurs only in boys. According to statistics, one child gets sick from 3.5 thousand children. Currently in Europe only 30 thousand of these patients.

Only Watch – the most prestigious watch auctions. This event is held every two years, with the time and place of the meeting is very well chosen – Monegasque yacht show attracts the largest and most prestigious manufacturers and their respective clients. Oversees hourly auction Prince Albert II, and the organizers of the trade act Pettavino Luke, president of the Monaco Yacht Show, and Osvaldo Patrizzi, the owner of the auction house Patrizzi & Co. Only Watch participants are the most prestigious watch brands, so to speak, creme de la creme of Swiss industry, each of which is specifically for the auction makes a unique model.

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