The first Australian to watch Eva Leube.An independent watch company in Australia

The first Australian to watch Eva Leube


An independent watch company in Australia, named after the creator of Eva Leube, presents its first wristwatch Ari, who in turn named after the son of Eve. New hours are the original model with a large overall anatomic bend the body, so watch just sit perfectly in the hand.

The first Australian to watch Eva Leube
To design and build curved Eva Leube hours it took four years. Watch case is made of 18K gold or platinum version. Dimensions: 52.44h21.6 mm, thickness of 8.45 mm. The crown is located in a nontraditional position “6:00”. The watch has three sapphire windows: a facial and to the sides. The top of the elongated body is a 15-millimeter wheel balance (18 000 pc / h), under which the first is a small second dial, then the main (in hours and minutes) and a large gear, engraved Eva Leube, made by hand master John W. Thompson. His own hands decorated caliber hours: using radirovaniya with gold chatons.

The clock mechanism consists of 209 parts, 18 stones. Have a 40-hour power reserve. Supplied on a leather strap watch.

Watch company located in Eva Leub Manly, near Sydney, Australia. The very same founder Eva was born in Berlin in 1995 (23) received the diploma of a watchmaker. And completing the course at Rolex in Geneva, she worked in the Australian branch of the watch company Rolex. In 2004, Eva returned to Europe and worked

with the Ulysse Nardin in Switzerland, then spent two years as an independent watchmaker Thomas Preseren.

After that she went back to Australia, gave birth to a son there and established its own hour-long workshop.

Official Website : Eva Leube

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