The clock on the nail. If you are walking down the street remembering that you forgot your mobile

The clock on the nail


If you are walking down the street remembering that you forgot your mobile, watch, and everything technological, ask a passerby about the time, and he, meanwhile, will not climb out of habit in your pocket, not zaderet shirt sleeve on his left hand, the it will not stick golden gentlemanly chain from his breast pocket, on his neck will not hang a huge alarm clock as a ringleader of “hippies.” Nei worry if instead of the usual action, just look at the thumb of his hand, and will deliver to you the exact time. Nanoparticles are attached to the nail through nanolipuchki.

Hold very well, almost “dead”, but if you want to remove, you need to pick and pull. Device Clear, size small, odorless, without any taste. With this gadget you are unlikely to remain unnoticed in a crowd of hard workers in the company of friends and acquaintances. A great gift for a friend, girlfriend, for his relatives. Excellent innovative technology in different color bands: blue, yellow, red and white. Colors for the most demanding. This device is powered through the processing of emitted electromagnetic pulses produced by the body and the earth in an electrical discharge. Watch all the time in a state of rest, and to have your nail Tsiferki lit, you need not much to click on the gadget and you can contemplate the current time. The only thing that is not clear what the mechanism is correct hour and minute hands, how to translate from one time zone to another? Is there, or will in the near future, any sound, or at least a light signal, to display the alarm? Will there be a revision or not this concept is also not known. But one can say very precisely that idea, the idea to implementing nanoparticles, which are best suited to secret spies and “James Bond” is very good, but costly, and many improvements.

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