The Clock Museum.In the upcoming season of holiday travel

The Clock Museum


In the upcoming season of holiday travel and I wish I could give you all some pointers to make it even more interesting your itinerary! For example, if you happen to be in Benevento province, and it might be interesting to go to greet Mr. Salvatore Ricci.

The Clock Museum
A life time to chase up and down and bell tower. Ricci is not just a collector of watches – like so many, but a master craftsman, a watch that not only protects them, but builds them as well. Or rather, she loves them.

This, roughly, is the summary of the life of Salvatore Ricci from San Marco dei Cavoti, beautiful and illustrious center thirty-six km away from Benevento, with a bell tower next to the Mother Church (even if that bell, in fact, it was many centuries ago the tower of a prison). On that construction, the time fighter, Savior rose from an early age for a compulsion: and now … now at the threshold of the door years, Salvatore has not only denied the youthful passion, but has now reached the point of thinking that, probably, if someone had not invented many centuries before the mechanism of the clock, he, the Savior, would not even born.

Savior, moreover, began his climb to the bell and no one to teach him – much less – imposed him. Vocation. Divine inspiration.

The Maestro has taught himself the art of swinging the weights of stone or iron, to listen to the sound of cogs, rods and hands, to restore life and breath to the mechanisms of diseased or injured from the ravages of old men, storms and earthquakes. Gradually, however, the Saviour, he realized that was no longer enough just fix those clocks: in fact, it was clear in the minds of his life and mission, i.e., that race to save endangered. Yeah because the clocks, for the Saviour, are not inanimate: they like men have a soul.

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