The bells of dawn

The bells of dawn


To date, mechanical alarm clocks have virtually disappeared from store shelves around the world, except Russia and some other countries. But despite the drawbacks inherent in all mechanical watches – the need to start them on a daily basis, the low accuracy of the volume, the sensitivity to shocks and falls – the demand for mechanical alarm clocks are still available through usual design, low cost, large size dial and eliminating the need for change (and therefore buy) batteries.

However, unfortunately, many of those who purchased the Russian alarm clocks come again soon to shop: is for the exchange of marriage. The reasons for this – to reduce the quality of products and mistreated the clock buyers.

Quartz alarm clocks, even the cheapest on the consumer properties much better mechanical: the precision of the daily and do not have to start the spring. In Quartz virtually no parts that can fail at random collision: mechanism is usually stronger than the body. Prices of cheap quartz alarm clocks from China are optimal for many people with low incomes.

But, of course, the market is a model and famous companies, but their prices are much higher. Than is justified, what are their advantages? Take for example the clock with the trademark Q & Q, manufactured by Japan CBM Corporation.

First of all, heart-clock mechanism. In Q & Q alarm clocks he designs a special silent: his work can be heard only by attaching to the ear. These watches will not be annoying tick in the silence of the night. Quiet mechanisms are also installed in hours, Casio, Citizen and quartz in the national “Amber”.

The second important difference – the design. Watch more expensive brands are designed by experts in ergonomics is not just round or square. The shape and material of the body, color combinations, layout knobs and switches are selected so that it is most convenient for the person. A luminous element, the size and shape of numbers and arrows allow even people with low vision, stress-free time to learn.

Another point about ergonomics. Typically, an alarm clock has two knobs – one for the adjustment of reading time, the other – to set the time of call. The factory alarm, it is easy to confuse and mislead the reading time. To avoid such accidents, many models of the second pen “masked.”

As for the accuracy of the quartz, then adjust the time required is not more than twice a year – during the transition from winter to summer time and back.

The bells of dawn

Alarm functions

The tone of the music, “speaking of bowls”

In the majority of electronic and quartz alarm clock alarm device is a miniature speaker. In simpler models, he just squeaks into those more complex – simple melody played (in some – not one), and sometimes – something said or sang.

Campanula (Bell Alarm)

This marking means that the signal used tiny electric motor, which hits the metal cup. It turns out the same sound as in a mechanical watch.

Repeat (Snooze)

This feature ensures that you do not otmahnetes of alarm for Fun. If you just press “hang up”, the watch shut up, but after some time (usually 5 minutes) will ring again. To silence the alarm, turn the lever or a special switch located so that it does not wake up completely, it is difficult.

The increase in signal

Many alarm clocks alarm volume of time. fold increase. The maximum volume is so great, that will wake anyone. In some models not growing volume and frequency “bibikanya.”

The bells of dawn


Each of us at least once wanted to see the time at night, in darkness. To not include the light and do not disturb the household, there are various tricks. The simplest of them – put svetonakopitel the arrows and numbers dial. Accumulated energy during the day, the hours glow in the dark.

Backlight (Light)

As it is usually cheap watches made in the form of a miniature light bulb. In the more expensive and modern fluorescent lighting is used (El. Light, Luminator), when the light is part of the dial. Such a beautiful and comfortable lighting, but consumes more energy than a light bulb.

Recently, more and more popular digital alarm clocks. A recognized pioneer and innovator in this area – the company CASIO. For example, the SNOOZE CASIO has a feature – setting the periodicity of the repeat signal. Many of the models, in addition to SNOOZE, have the function of the volume growth of the signal. In addition to the fluorescent backlight in some models, a feature ALL NIGHT LIGHT. In such models EL-panel economical: even if you use this feature every night, the batteries should be changed only once a year.

Many liked the model TOUCH SCREEN, in which there is no buttons, and alarm control of all functions carried out using the touch screen. Additional features, in addition to the calendar, are DAY COUNTER – Counter days prior to that date. For fans of shock-resistant G-Shock series of alarms issued GQ. Suppose they can not play football, but the drop from the high table the watch stand.

High technology and a large number of features characteristic of the digital clocks, alarm clocks and timers, which produces a firm Wendox . A variety of shapes and colors and watch alarms completely follow the tendencies of modern design – covering buildings mimic the most fashionable and modern colors and materials: titanium, polished aluminum, and precious woods. A collection of “i-Digit” is entirely made of transparent plastic, which can be seen through the electronic circuit components.

Most of the models along with the usual functions of the digital alarm clock Snooze, light “Luminator” etc. have the ability to measure the temperature inside and outside. Some of these alarms have a hash function of peak temperatures. Some models are equipped with sensor humidity in the room.

The model 7136 Wendox perfectly coexist standard for alarms function, a temperature sensor and a dual-band (FM / AM) radio with digital tuner. Model 6012 with large numbers (up to 8 cm) have an auto turn on the backlight in the dark room.

Interesting model with a transparent liquid crystal display, which besides time shows the date, month, month calendar and indoor temperature.

All Night Light, Auto Wake-up light

In these models, you can enable a mode in which the display will light up the night a weak bluish light. Energy consumption with less than full brightness, but little light can see the display. In some models, a built-in light sensor is able to turn on the backlight in the dark.

The bells of dawn

Indoor I outdoor temperature

This is a function of air temperature (C / F) both inside and outside. Sensor to measure ambient temperature inside the integrated alarm clock. Alarms and having a function of measuring the outside temperature can be distinguished on the cord (about 2 meters) from the sensor.

Ringing alarm clock

Wendox 3220: 76dB
Wendox 3752: 69dB
Q & Q 8101: 76dB
CASIO TQ-650B: 72dB
CASIO DQ-1500: 84dB
CASIO GQ-300: 84dB
“Glory” (mehan.): 70dB
“Amber” (mehan.): 78dB
“Amber” (kvarts.): 76dB
“Vostok” (kvarts.): 69dB

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