Swatch watches have fallen in childhood. Do you think designers watch company Swatch fell in childhood



Do you think designers watch company Swatch fell in childhood? Not at all, we have the result of their joint creative work with the company Kidrobot, American manufacturer of designer toys.

A paradoxical as it sounds but this new “toy” series of interest to watch collectors in the first place. After all, bundled with every clock is famous vinyl toy Dani.
Hours and toys painted by eight famous artists and designers. As a result received eight of the original figures Danny and eight watches that are “dressed” in the prints of images of each of Danny. Each watch has its own name.
Danny Toys are available in two versions: 3 and 20-inch. In this case, to buy watches and toys can be both individually and in a special set of Kidrobot, which is limited of 300 copies and includes one 20-inch figure of Danny, all the eight o’clock and embody their 3-inch Danny.

Here are some interesting models from the company Swatch.

Official Website : Swatch

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