Rhythm – especially for Russia.One feature of the watch industry in Japan is its definite closure.



One feature of the watch industry in Japan is its definite closure. In contrast to the Swiss watch-making company from the Land of the Rising Sun to attract clients prefer not noisy PR-shares, and the high quality and reliability of its products. But even among the other members of the Japan Association of hours (JCWA) Rhythm company is different in that extends outside the minimum information about themselves.

It is therefore quite justified to call it a “known unknown”. On the one hand, the company is no stranger to the Russian market since 1999, wall, table and floor clocks under this brand name represents the group of companies “Mosalt.” On the other hand, it is difficult to find another manufacturer, which our countrymen have had so little information.

Meanwhile, the company Rhythm Watch Co., Founded in 1950, is a classic multi concern, have achieved success in various fields, low-tech and unique precision. Jewelers, it is known as one of the largest manufacturers of Asia, gold and precious stones such as diamonds, pearls and opals.

Those associated with the electronics, probably met with a high-grade electronic equipment Rhythm, which is widely used, particularly in modern video surveillance systems. Apart from a few different profiles of factories, the company has its own research laboratories, the level of equipment which allows for advanced technology development.

Yet the main focus of the company, as well as half a century ago, remains the production of watches and watch movements.

Created in Russia
As already mentioned, Russian watchmakers Rhythm brand is known primarily as a manufacturer of interior clock. Without exaggeration we can say that in this region Rhythm is one of the tastemakers. Very often it is the first to offer new design ideas and new features hours, which are then copied and replicated by other manufacturers. And although the interior clock is not to say “style of the producer,” but the Japanese company designers inexplicably manages to do so, that most products with their brand name has its recognizable shape, characteristic only of models of Rhythm. And about the high quality products to talk too: it is traditional for Japanese companies.

Having gained a strong position in the market “large” clock, Rhythm WAtCh Co. went on – from April this year began shipping a completely new product – the collection of the wrist models, designed specifically for Russian consumers.

On the eve of mass selling watches of this collection Group of Companies “Mosalt” had a small and rather cruel test of potential sales. Display the models on display at the Rhythm was one of the shops of the company without any advertising support and upgrade models sold. Even with such a “wrong” brand of filing showed very good results in a short time has sold nearly 30 hours. At the same time buyers are equally interested in both male and female models. The experimental results confirmed that the model Wrist Rhythm share the success of interior.

Japanese quality, luxury-design
The collection of watches is divided into six Rhythm independent lines: men’s Century, which is distinguished by a massive steel rectangular casing, a classic Constantin, in which the rectangular body covered with gold, and silver dial is decorated with the traditional Roman markings; female Luxury, representing a fine watch with silk thongs and zircons ; Rhythm, which are both male and female models in a gilded box (with the latter supplemented by straps from a prestigious stingray leather), a collection of round-hours millenium; and, finally, a line of stylish watches with exquisite ContinentalArabic markings Art Deco.

As you can see, the ratio of male and female models in the collections of Rhythm roughly equal, which allows brands to cover virtually all groups of customers aged 20 to 50 years. Young men and women are attracted brutal models or sophisticated Century Luxury, while more reputable buyers often opt for Constantin, Rhythm or Continental. Judging by the results of test sales, special collections demand Century, Constantin and Continental.

In addition to the attractive design, a special emphasis on the producer makes a performance of all models. This applies to the thoroughness of manufacture and materials used. Clock cases are made of steel strap – genuine calf leather, silk or galyushi, as is customary among the leading producers of hours of class Luxury.

The use of wear resistant coatings PVD (8 MCR) guarantees that the long hours keep the original appeal. All models are presented with a bracelet clips.

At the highest level completed and all accompanying materials: corporate boxes for watches , bags with the logo of the brand. To watch attached certificate, a book with instruction manual and catalog models.

Therefore, each buyer Rhythm hours away from the store with the feeling that for the very reasonable sum, he received not only high-quality watches, but also excellent service and attention. Watch more attractive Rhythm gives international warranty.

Presentation of new collection of watches Rhythm held June 23 during the official premiere of the brand in Russia, organized by the group of companies “Mosalt” in the conference hall of “Volyn” branch “President-hotel”.

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