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Red and Black Paul MarcianoRed and Black Paul Marciano


HAND genius
Gc (G-C) – is known worldwide brand watches fashion-luxury class. It was established in 1997 along with demand for stylish, expressive, and at the same time, high-quality and technically sophisticated watches.

Gc took place between the classic luxury brands and fashion typical clock. It has absorbed and creatively reworked the four-hundred hours of experience of European industry, taking over from the hatch-cial grades diamonds, mother of pearl dial, and carefully executed body. Quieter manufacturers of fashion-hours Gc has expressive, vivid personality, a keen sense of fashion trends and the ability to change. Price level Gc also occupies an intermediate position between the road and classic affordable fashion watches. Look more expensive than indicated on the price tag – around so you can formulate a strategy for the brand. Prestigious and high-quality, relatively affordable, these watches were echoed in the heart of ten thousand of customers.

Red and Black Paul MarcianoRed and Black Paul Marciano
Its current success owes much to the Frenchman, ingeniously combining exquisite gift designer and a brilliant manager – Paul Marciano (Paul Marciano).The attention of one of the founders of Guess Inc to Swiss watches could not bring positive results. It’s thanks to his energy, charisma and creativity company Guess? for a short time rose to the top of the fashion-industry. Marciano has the gift of the photographer – art that can enliven, inspire images on static pages, to convey the idea of the author’s right in the heart of people. Through the efforts of Paul Marciano GUESS advertising images repeatedly awarded creative awards, including the U.S. – Clio, Designers and Art Directors Awards, which meant unconditional acceptance mark on the huge U.S. market, followed in the rest of the world.

Gc has become extremely important project for Marciano. He took the time and effort to comprehend the philosophy of the brand and using all his experience and artistic flair and express it in hours. As a result, Gc recognized by consumers in dozens of countries.

The key to success the company, which has to do with fashion and aesthetic preferences of people – the ability to anticipate and quickly respond to changing global trends. Brand fashion-such as Guess? – Reflect seasonal trends. These clocks are changed quarterly. Luxury watches, a case in which the range of Gc, reflect the longer trends. These models have three-, five-year life cycle. At the moment on the world market particularly popular styles Sport de Lux, and a combination of black fabric with pink gold. And good practice to use along with the precious metal high-tech ceramics, carbon, PVD-coating and rubber. Gc brilliantly combine these two trends in their luxury watches.

In modern life, sport – it’s not so much regular exercise as a lifestyle and fashion. For hours of a new collection of Sport Class sport – it’s comfort, brightness, style and use of the most relevant materials. On an example of this line can be seen as Gc boldly experimenting with color contrast, and focus on detail, creating a different color combinations. Playing with the materials effectively demonstrated in models of luxury Sport Class Lady, where elegantly and rose gold finish of ceramic. Women’s Collection Sport Class, inspired by Paul Marciano, is the main essence of the philosophy of Gc – the art of being yourself.

As already mentioned, belonging to the class suite includes an enormous attention to quality and detail. Gc Watches are issued by Sequel AG in Zug. Each watch is fitted with Gc precise Swiss mechanism – is one of the most important and indispensable conditions marking Swiss Made. Only the best materials are used for cases and bracelets.

Red and Black Paul MarcianoRed and Black Paul Marciano
DAY clearer, the black night

How effective Gc can work with color and minor elements, demonstrating Chronograph Sport Class Rose Gold. Housing and arrows, traveling by jet-black carboxylic dial, gold plated, and the rubber strap and bezel tachymeter black met.

Here’s another example – a model SE-1 Automatic. This limited edition automatic watch produced especially for the tenth anniversary of the company. It also used two colors, but bright black designers replaced the softer steel-gray. Pink gold shell as it flows into a brown alligator strap, while enshrined five screws left rim of the creators of the native color of steel. The same palette is repeated on the dial: large pink numbers and labels, coated with fluorescent composition, burning like a silver background, making it warmer hours. It is necessary to bend the wrist, and the sun shimmering on the original grid guilloche, and under the lens of the calendar come to life the figures, the pattern of the dial. Attention to detail the designers has demonstrated by running the same style crown and lugs lugs the strap. And, as befits a luxury watch, transparent case back opens eyes azhurovanny automatic.


Gc entered the Russian market in a very good point – many shops are reviewing our product portfolio and are willing to trade hours of high-price category. Through a combination of good design, of Swiss origin, the name of fashion and affordable prices, Gc can be the “bridge” to help the store to go to work with expensive and prestigious brands, the key to the world of luxury brands into the hearts of upper middle class buyers.

Success in Europe and Asia, high quality, regularly updated models and a genius Paul Marciano given every opportunity to Gc was one of the leading re-emerging Russian market.

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