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Rado watches and Renata Litvinova Rado watches and Renata Litvinova


All brand Rado Switzerland is in Russia a new advertising campaign with a famous actress, director and most mysterious muse, the national’s leading lights – Renata Litvinova.

Renata is the messenger of the brand Rado in Russia over the past six years, so that its participation in a new advertising campaign was a natural continuation of this fruitful collaboration. Watches Rado Jubile Limited Edition can be often seen on the wrist actress. She even removed the ad, on a favorite brand. Her film “Sweet to the Sweet” tells about love, hours, and the transience of time.

Filming of the new advertising Rado place in Paris under the guidance of renowned French photographer Ali Mahdavi, working with the leading glossy magazines as well as international celebrities such as Monica Bellucci, Vincent Kasel and Dita Von Teese.

Here’s how Renata Litvinova speaks about working with the eminent photographer: “He’s one of those rare photographers who works with love and admiration for the actors, which removes. This is the Hollywood scheme of light, long forgotten, but it is practically the only Ali keeper and a follower. If you hold the association, he as my favorite watch Rado, inside of them beating heart, live it, Ali. ”

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