Perrelet company introduced a new collection in Moscow Turbine. In Moscow, a presentation of the new collection Turbine watch company

Perrelet company


In Moscow, a presentation of the new collection Turbine watch company Perrelet, which was held at the restaurant Turandot? By late 2011 plans to open 35 Perrelet outlets in Moscow St, Petersburg and other Russian cities. Swiss distributor will be distributing company LPI SA, which is to cover the event preglosila leading magazines: Elle, Marie-Claire, Forbes and Kommersant.

According to the CEO of LPI SA Fausto Salivi, the Russian market is strategically important for the company Perrelet, whose potential is quite real.

Perrelet company founded in the mid XVIII century. Abraham-Louis Pearl. He created the plants for the trigger, and gears.The first in Le Locle watch Perle created with two-cylinder and downs, with a full calendar with sync and trigger a duplex unit. Perles intensified wheels, gears, screw mechanism and improved finishing. He devoted himself to the idea of perpetual motion, so all the hours of Perl have reliable, fail-safe mechanism for automatic winding. Then the clock small key was got, from what genius watchmaker wanted to refuse. In 1770 he made a clock with a “hammer” crown mass. Later, he invented the “Rotor”, which solved the problems of resistance.

In 1993, a collector of antique clocks and industrialist Flavio Odemar revived the brand Perrelet, creating a firm “Perrelet SA”. Vice-President Jean Pearl is a descendant of watchmakers from Le Locle.

Company “Perrelet SA” produces only automatic watch and only in Switzerland. Each model has technical and aesthetic innovations.

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