Over the edge. Of the endless variety of hours each producer chooses a specific direction for their work.

Over the edge


Of the endless variety of hours, each producer chooses a specific direction for their work. Some companies are punched out in huge numbers, “popular” hours, the second – a little less mass, but high quality, and some produce exclusive custom-made copies.

Mark Maurice Lacroix has taken a special position that brings her a steady income and a growing recognition in the market: it produces goods, which are slightly above the massive demand for quality watches. Maurice Lacroix created for those. who at least know a little bit clock and appreciates them.

This is a purchase for yourself, for your soul, not a way to show off the fashionable inscription on the dial.For clients Maurice Lacroix opinions of others is important, but is not determinative – they are free to decide and make their own choices. And until now, the company successfully managed to balance just above the bar “mass quality” and does not deviate in any direction a little more simple and popular models, no exclusive items.

In addition to positioning the success of Maurice Lacroix is based on two pillars: Masterpiece Collection and the special style of hours.

Almost all companies use marketing techniques set of standard hours: to attract celebrities, the emphasis on history, etc. One of these is the creation of effective moves flagship model, which raises the brand’s image and attractiveness in the eyes of the buyer, thereby stimulating sales of regular collections.

This technique used by manufacturers working in all price ranges. – From the cheapest to most expensive.

Some do not even care whether the model is sold-character (and sometimes – whether it will work at all), because its purpose is different. Maurice Lacroix – one of the few brands that have flagship models are themselves commercially successful products.

The third reason for success – a particular style of watch Maurice Lacroix. No matter how varied models and collections, the company manages to keep his watch in a certain balance between different styles. Most models are versatile.

Each classic model is something that emphasizes its modern origins. These hours can not be called sport, and will not carry the style casual. They will look organically and with a business suit, and at the party. This versatility, coupled with reasonable price and has led to explosive sales growth.

In the 1980s, when the time the world has never fully recovered from the quartz crisis, Maurice Lacroix began producing mechanical watches. Then, this step may seem like madness – not every manufacturer will dare go against the market. But today it looks like an exact calculation and work in the future.

In the 1990s there was a collection of Masterpiece. Initially these were simple stehnicheskoy terms of the model. But minimal changes in the design of machines did watch visually appealing and different from the bulk.

A low complexity allowed to keep prices at levels affordable to the mass buyer. And then it was impossible to sell the watch cost a hundred thousand francs – the blessing of the 2000s. when even the most insane products find a buyer had not yet arisen.

Managers of Maurice Lacroix have caught the trend that the buyer will want to have something unusual, and were able to forestall. Several successful models – especially with only gaining popularity retrograde – Masterpiece Collection allowed to go in a completely different category. Maurice Lacroix was perceived as a producer of original complex watches. And in some countries such as Germany, the mark was in fact two disjoint groups of dealers in the shops targeted at medium price range, sold through regular Maurice Lacroix.

Masterpiece Models and exhibited in a number of expensive salons with the most renowned watch brands. Both groups were satisfied with the revenue of retailers.

Turning point for the steel grade 2003-2004. Harmonious symmetry model Double Retrograde made her a favorite in many markets. Simultaneously, these popular watches are the logical conclusion of the next stage in the development of the brand.

At that time the company came a new team headed by Director of Development Sandro Reginelli. and began work on forming the new face of mark that would ensure her a good position for the next decade. Features former clients Maurice Lacroix nearing exhaustion, and required solutions to attract younger buyers.

For many years, Maurice Lacroix advertising slogan sounded like a “modern classic”. But fully this slogan was true in 2004, when much has changed style of Maurice Lacroix. There is less “yellow” hours, they were replaced by more modern, strong, made in black and white design. Although visually the model was different, the basic principles remain: the clock continues to rise above the little “extras”, while remaining versatile.

They have not sparkled kilograms of diamonds, do not promise super-structure mechanism, but they stayed opinion. In many respects this achievement designers – Maurice Lacroix began to work with leading marketing agencies and design offices such as the White Brand. Not surprisingly, the company has received several international awards for design, including the most prestigious award in the world for the Red Dot model Decentrique.

A very interesting and was the female line. And which appeared three years ago, Divina, and new this year Starside – big, bright and recognizable models, designed for independent and self-assured woman. Thus.

Maurice Lacroix retains its ideology and in the women’s collection. Incidentally, the role of women’s hours was significantly greater than revenue generation. Thanks to the original design, photography Divina spared a lot of magazines, creating great advertising brand.

Simultaneously, preparations began for the creation of its own manufacture. The company already had a manufacturing assembly plant and buildings. Now however, had to master the production of components mechanism. In late 2006 came the first manufactory caliber Maurice Lacroix – it was an unusually large diameter chronograph. Almost immediately, the public and show the already mentioned skeleton.

With the establishment of mechanisms in the company have paid equal attention to both technical and visual side.Constructors and designers worked side by side, and as a result of Maurice Lacroix was one of the companies whose design form a new perspective on the aesthetics of machinery. The one skeleton – one of the first mechanism, in which the traditional gold-plated and engraved tracery has been replaced by black and gray scale and straight lines. Today, like every other solution uses the company.

Another project – Ateliere de Maurice Lacroix – had long been hidden from the public. This unit was created to develop new, special machinery. Firstborn studio – Memoire 1.

The world’s first mechanical chronograph with memory, not just one of the most complicated watches in the world. For the first time in decades came to light not just another variation or combination of known functions, and fundamentally new complication, which did not previously exist.

Huge interest in new product, which showed the media around the world, offset somewhat decreased in 2005-2007, the advertising activity marks caused by the diversion of funds for productive purposes. But for Maurice Lacroix Memoire 1 becomes not just a ticket to the “super league *. Ateliere de Maurice Lacroix – is a separate business project. The company management expects that this unit will develop mechanisms not only for Maurice Lacroix. But also for external customers, that will reduce costs and preserve the traditional product availability. By the way, Memoire 1, was installed quite forgiving for a fundamentally new watches price – about 375 000 francs. A base caliber ML128 should be the basis for new mechanisms for the company.

What will happen next, not “whether zaderet nose” Maurice Lacroix? Company executives insist that there is.

The basic collection will be developed in line with market trends, slightly exceeding the average level in terms of technology, design and price. Mark and further plans to offer interesting solutions at attractive prices slightly elevated above the massive demand.

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