Odm Optimality Design Modern

Odm Optimality Design Modern


At today’s younger generation, like any other, has its own recognizable face, your style. He is strict and eclectic, its exterior features – intelligent brevity, but at the same time, brightness and originality of form, precisely for the new generation, seeking to emphasize their individuality, a Hong Kong company at the turn of the millennia Sweda has introduced a new design – watch odm immediately won recognition.

Hymn of the movement
The secret of success lies in advanced odm design. Our life – in the movement, our goal – to do everything, try everything and enjoy every moment. Dynamism – that is the motto of the new millennium. Sweda conscientiously tried to express this philosophy in the new clock. As is fashionable now to express, odm created and live in accordance with the terms “dynamic” and “swift.” These concepts are manifested both in design hours, and in the promotion strategy of the brand on the market. In the first year of its existence, odm receives the prize “The purchase of the year” in Japan. A year later, in 2000, the now famous series already has won awards mysterious Hong Kong Award of Industry (HKEIA) – an analogue of our “Product of the Year”.

By the way, a series of mysterious won not one Asia. As soon as hitting the markets in Europe, America, and later in Russia, she instantly became a hit among those who prefer an active lifestyle and loves to be in the spotlight. Judge for yourself: a narrow elongated body, smoothly flowing into the steel or polyurethane strap and arranged vertically one above the other figures comfortable, absolutely. Moreover, such a futuristic design catches the eye. But the main feature of the clock – the original design of “shake” (ie, “shake”), when in order to find out day of the week sharply enough to turn your wrist. However, no traditional side buttons – summed up the clock with the special stuff on the back of the clock.

Odm Optimality Design Modern

Mystery 4

Were very successful and a series of mysterious II, mysterious III, visionary, where over analog dial (changeover “flick of the wrist” to date, seconds and day of week) are for visual comfort and more conventional direction.

And here we waited until the last creation and design odm -mysterious IV. By the way, before getting to us, in Russia, this series managed to win in October at home already, you can tell, the traditional title of “Product of the Year” and has been awarded as the best HKEIA and original technological innovation.

Unlike the mysterious III, sophistication and rigor which is a form of business rather watch, “four” – the bright and cheerful, if not “otvyaznoy” series family. Soft polyurethane strap and a warm-body (this stuff – know-how of experts odm); in which, as in the case, is inserted into the mechanism can be coated at least in classic black, at least in a romantic apricot or strawberry bright. Switch mode again by moving the hands, and that mysterious IV have finally turned out to watch a favorite toy, the makers have thought another trick: now when you turn your wrist and still changing color dial. This is one of the latest developments of American manufacturers, which had already advanced odm adopt. By the way, designers, odm, for all his striving for minimalism and austerity, love to experiment with color. Almost all models have the original bright “spot”, instantly arresting. This case series or removable flexible, you can choose which color to the mood or color inserts in the face of sports chronograph series vigorous.

Chrono – another pride odm latest collection 2002 includes two series of stylish watches with different stopwatch and calendar: perceptive II (a streamlined rectangular dial) and precise II (with a round dial.)

Odm Optimality Design Modern

The machinery and gadgets

In odm original not only face and body. Not to mention the special mechanism of the fastener, developed and patented by engineers Sweda. The castle is hidden inside and snapped the bracelet with a single motion, but in order to remove watches, do not need anything “picks” or “sharp yank” – just press the button-blocker.

The only thing that experts prefer not to experiment odm – is the data sheet and mechanisms. Here, they adhere to the principle that reliability – above all else. In working hour’s odm proven mechanisms Japanese Seiko and Citizen and all parts are made of steel, titanium, hypoallergenic rubber or polyurethane. Sweda so quietly gives one-year warranty on all watches brands odm we have; by the way, it provides an exclusive distributor – the company “StarTime.” Creators brand odm believe their watches are designed for people with active lifestyles. So the price Sweda established such that their products were expensive for the young. The retail price varies from 35 hours up to 129 dollars. Pricing policy allows the company to have a few fan odm models on different occasions and keep track of new collections with a sense of not idle curiosity.

Odm marketers realize that the striking design and democratic price – it’s not everything that can tempt finicky representative of the new millennium. Therefore, the clock supplied plenty of funny accessories, which will be appreciated by young people. For example, in addition to the usual boxes, clocks are packaged in special plastic containers of the most original form. Youth my sterious IV, for example – in the sphere of fun with horns reminiscent of Pokemon, and more classic mysterious III – a stylized ice cube. These areas not only look great on display, but also quite suitable for use in a utilitarian purpose, such as boxes, and ice cubes in the lid provides even support for handles. By the way, pens, branded bags as well as the buyer receive the latest models odm as a gift to the clock.

In general, odm, even in the package aims to maintain its main principles: minimalism, style and functionality.

As they say, nothing more, but nothing wasted. And this is one of the main tenets of the new generation.

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