Lodestar NEXXEN

Lodestar NEXXEN


Established in 1984, the company Nexxen hour access to the world market celebrated its first decade anniversary, and the second is serious about this market to conquer.

Lodestar NEXXEN

For these ambitious plans have every reason to: in four years after the birth of hours Nexxen successfully sold in Turkey, Hungary and even in England, and in 1999 the company has declared itself at once in a dozen countries, among which was Russia. Since Nexxen participates in all international exhibitions and showrooms, and attracts more and more new customers. In order to achieve world renown brand in the most important thing: the active marketing strategy and competitive prices.

At last year’s Moscow Watch Salon, where they were presented as well-known watch companies and products are new, is obtainable fame and weight on the hourly market companies, Nexxen, according to some experts, has become a “supernova.” Gorgeous scenery for the pavilion this company arrived in Moscow directly with the World-hour show, but most importantly still not handouts and scenery, and – watch that is ready to offer Nexxen (and invites!) Russian buyers.

What kind of hours? First of all – a beautiful and very popular in Russia chronograph in titanium housings, models in leather thongs, women’s subtle, refined model coated in pink gold, and finished with a combined hull.

In addition, the exhibition was a collection of watches decorated with ceramics. It would seem that range is close to the range of many other companies now trying to conquer the Russian market. All the same, except for one detail: the price of any watch from Nexxen significantly lower than the clock of the same class issued by other companies! And besides, unlike the overwhelming majority of watch companies, Nexxen ready not just to offer our customers the models that come to the markets of other countries, but also to seek their own, individual approach to the Russian buyer. This was evidenced presented at the Time saloon model, available only for Russia, men’s watches in bulk packages of round and square shapes in metal bracelets and leather straps. These hours must, according to the company, go on sale in February 2002.

Lodestar NEXXEN

Watch brands Nexxen not concede as many famous watch companies. This is confirmed by the fact that more than 95% of all models Nexxen (that is, nearly all quartz models are the foundation of the company range) have reliable mechanisms known company Ronda. In the chronograph and other mechanical watch uses the ETA mechanisms and Miyota – and those names speak for themselves. In Moscow Nexxen introduced several already well-known buyers of collections, in which we can immediately consider the originality of the style of designers. “Flavor” of the first collection, called Speciality (“Feature”), was watches with ceramic inserts and decorative bracelets made of cast stainless steel. This is a spectacular combination of shaped appearance of the second collection – Intellect (“Intellect”), which, however, the watch look much more severe, and the number of ceramics in the design is minimized. The collection of Volition (“Will”) are presented chronograph, quartz male and female models in housings made of titanium and stainless steel bracelet. But in the collection of Nature (“Nature”) to steel bracelet gives way to natural leather and titanium casing partially replaced with brass. It used a combination of titanium and brass, and wide straps that create a clear background against which these combinations seem to be very effective. And, finally, a collection of Attraction (“The attraction”), composed of fine, fine women’s watches made of brass, of different colors, coatings, and types of technological processing.

These collections – a sort of “calling card” Nexxen, which the company makes in any country. Well, on the search for their choices, and the firm is ready to create a special model best suited to the needs of the inhabitants of a region.

For the Russian watch market Nexxen is with great interest, especially as it develops in parallel with the growth of the company. And the price / quality ratio, which offers Nexxen, today is the best buyer for home. Authorized distributors Nexxen Watch Co., Ltd. In Moscow are the unincorporated business “Samchenko KD” Ltd. and”Kartezio” who represent the whole range of watch products Nexxen. They ensure constant availability of goods in a warehouse, an individual approach to each client and the ability to deliver the goods to any corner of Russia. In advertising purposes every third clock Nexxen, falling to the shops, accompanied by a small but welcome addition – a set of cosmetics. In addition, the flexible system of discounts (including storage) and provides opportunities for cooperation with partners in the field of information and advertising support. Service Centers of warranty service and repair hours Nexxen already operate in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. Representatives Nexxen claim that less than half its sales in Russia increased five times.

Promotion to the Russian market of this young but promising watchmaker engaged a number of dealers – “Time and Technology”, “Ilona”, “Staytel”, “Trade Bridge”, “Chasservis-M”, “Vars” and others. As the result of the actions of these companies products Nexxen now represented in almost all regions of Russia and Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Rapidly growing manufacturing company is just beginning to enter the Russian market, but due to high quality affordable watches promises to be a strong trading partner in the coming years. For someone in the domestic watch business star Nexxen, perhaps, will be guiding.

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