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La Sirene - feminine and royal luxury La Sirene - feminine and royal luxury


Several years ago, when Charlene Uittstok visited a factory famous watch company Ateliers de Monaco, she said, in jest, whether he wishes to release the brand women’s collection of watches. The designers and watchmakers have promised the next day to begin development of its building and … of course, as expected, kept its promise.

The new model watch La Sirene, released in July 2011, is the debut of Ateliers de Monaco in the segment of women’s jewelry and chronographs named Charlene Uittstok inspirer collection in honor of her engagement to Prince Albert of Monaco in the Mediterranean II.

When you create a dial designers drew inspiration from the unique image of the flower king protea (Protea cynaroides), which is considered a symbol of South Africa – the home of Charlene Uittstok. The symmetrical shape of the flower has a large inflorescence. Remarkably, he survives in totally adverse conditions and represents a resistance.

To dial inlaid in the shape of a flower used blue topaz. Topaz, as well as his next of kin aquamarine, women have always been love for soft blue hue, which is almost ideally suited to any color of eyes and skin. Delicate blue tones evoke a lot of good feelings: harmony, trust, friendship and sympathy. And the longer the relationship, the more value these feelings become. “Divine” blue is the color of the sky, the color of eternity.

Water is the beginning of all life, and blue. That water has moved close to Charlene and her husband Prince Albert – because of their acquaintance took place thanks to her passion for swimming and participation in various Olympics.

Topaz broke into the high jewelry in the 1920s and 30s as a sophisticated headset of earrings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets with blue and blue topaz, creating together a dynamic contrast. Since ancient times, it is believed that topaz has the ability to banish melancholy, protected from nonvirtuous actions, confer wisdom. What more could you want for just married!

Corps of luxury timepieces with a diameter 39 mm made of 18 carat gold. The model is based on high-precision self-winding mechanism, carried out using a high-tech material, like silicon. The rotor winding is decorated with hand-engraved logo, visible on the reverse side of the watch.

In Monaco, La Sirene clock model is associated with a beautiful siren Charlene Uittstok – amazing sea diva with eyes the color blue.

This masterpiece of the watchmaking art produced in limited quantities, and the cost of hours starts at 80.000 euros, depending on the quantity of precious stones used for inlay.

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