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The famous German company Kieninger, specializing in the manufacture of interior clock, said this year’s 95th anniversary. It is the oldest company of the legendary mecca of German interior watchmakers – the Black Forest.Kieninger – a real pride in Germany. You bet! That masters Kieninger hold patents on many important inventions, which are necessary to provide modern interior clock. Suffice it to mention the patent for a free adaptation of Swiss descent for the interior clock, a module that allows the clock to go in the factory mechanism, corrector module in a second hand testimony of the pendulum clock, auto shut off and the battle music for the night … However, the master Kieninger improve not only the interior mechanisms of hours, but no less important a part of them – the case.

For example, in 2003 they decided to develop a radically new design for desktop clock. The good old table, mantel and carriage clocks certainly good, but too similar to each other as essentially a variation on the set in the XVII century theme. To create a new watch company invited the famous designer Hans Gabriel Shrolla.

One of the most talented masters of modern design has created a conceptual cube of wood, glass and bronze. It is surprising that most traditional Shroll used for interior materials of hours, giving you amazing result. These watches are made specifically for the exhibition in Basel in 2004, can be called a sample of a fundamentally new interior clock. Three-dimensional cubic enclosure with a 25-cm faces a frame made of walnut wood and inserts in polished bronze, the bronze legs. All sides of the cube (except the base) made of glass.

Since all the faces of the body transparent corporate mechanism Kieninger J-O212 on display. Masters had to polish and decorate it platinum, bridges and other details very carefully by hand. The result was a splendid skeleton, whose beauty can not hide nor thin silvered dial with hour and minute markings and a small second dial, or the more classic blued Breguet hands.

By the way, Kieninger J-O212 – this is the most compact in the world of interior mechanism of hours to fight.

It is equipped with a Swiss anchor escapement module, capable to perform three tunes – Westminster, St.Michael and Whittington, an 8-rod gong, automatic disabling and fight songs for the night (from 22.00 to 7.15), as well as an indicator of seconds.

This interior concept can watch the full right to call for something exclusive. Especially for them there was a unique case, the original mechanism. Yes, and they released a limited edition of 500 copies. You can buy in the cabin luxury and collectible watches “Symphony of Time” in TCE Crocus City Mall.

Model: 1266-82-01
Body: walnut, bronze and glass, height 255 mm, width 250 mm, Depth 180 mm
Dial: brass mat of bronze arrows blue steel Breguet
Mechanism: Kieninger J-0212 with the battle and three tunes, power reserve 8 days, platinum, gold-plated axles and parts, polished and decorated by hand
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, 3 rings, fight, ring tones and automatic shut-off fight at night

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