Hours on the water – Watches



Green, ie environmentally friendly technologies are becoming more important than ever – one of the major trends in modern engineering is to create devices that work and on environmentally friendly materials and wastes do not produce much. Now you can buy devices that operate not on gasoline, electricity or coal, and in the air, wind and water. In this article we are primarily interested in water, for hours, we’ll look at this work on the water.

These watches are not only environmental but also economical – they do not need to buy batteries, connect the power cord and not have to. All that is needed – about 800 grams of plain water, which flows into a special container. Work hours performed by electrolytes. Of course, many may not believe that working hours need plain, with no moving water, but in fact it is so. Of course, change the water will still have to, but somewhere every 12 weeks – that is very rare, given the fact that in year 52 weeks. Also inside is a special chip that will remind of what you need to pour more water. If you think that the design of this gadget is very complicated, you are mistaken – it is quite simple and as easy it looks. Electronic dial shows the time, there is a button to display the date. Two color options – green, and blue. The only obstacle could be the price – 24.95 USD for the fact that you do not have to buy batteries. You can easily calculate whether you are profitable for the purchase of this device, or is it better to manage batteries. Well, if you are a member of any organization dealing with environment, or simply interested in environmentally friendly innovative devices, such hours are simply created for you.

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