Hermle – School of Excellence. Services provided national distributors of leading brands of time often

Hermle - School of Excellence


Services provided national distributors of leading brands of time often complain there are no necessary spare parts, technical documentation is missing, it becomes less and less skilled craftsmen. And nothing about such things as training abroad, watchmakers never dreamed of: every foreign manufacturer is willing to accept and teach our staff. But there are happy exceptions – such as, for example, the global leader in interior and hours arrangements for them – a German company Hermle .

In Russia’s watch for the entire country is preparing one single school. However, there are taught to not repairers, assemblers and mechanisms. It turns out that too many masters have come to their mind – by trial and error. But the maintenance and repair of complex large interior hour – a special case. If you send a factory for a broken wrist watch – no problem, in the case of the floor is much easier to send to the factory masters to study, than to transport to distant lands bulky device.

Peculiarities of national service

Among the very few companies that understands it, is well-known German brand Hermle. True, distributors, interior clock Hermle and so spared many of the problems associated with their repair. As practice shows, the percentage of hours that require warranty service, no longer than 0.58% – some 170 hours sold. Yes, and caused sporadic cases of warranty expenses mainly transport and misuse, which allows certain vendors to provide product Hermle 5-year warranty. In addition, the clock, unlike the wrist, one must also properly set, start and run the wizard and make it relies in the room and the buyer in his presence. So watchmakers work at consistently high sales Hermle in our market, it is still missing. Interior hours – fast-growing segment of the domestic watch market, which leads to an acute shortage of specialists. As a result, many masters are coming into this profession in areas far from the watchmaking.

Unfortunately, the masters do not have to miss work and through the fault of consumers. It is not uncommon extremely careless handling of complex mechanisms. Contributes to and dusty air in our cities and apartments – hours is recommended to lubricate every 2-3 years (overseas – once in 5-7 years). If foreigners have a tendency to start their clock only in specially accompanying cotton gloves, the majority of domestic users to forget about it the next day after purchase.

Hermle - School of Excellence

Russian troops in the Black Forest

The company Hermle are sensitive to our realities, and try not to let “the peculiarities of national service ‘impact on the well-deserved prestige of the highest grade. It is essential that every business firm has a staff-distributor of skilled craftsmen, so Hermle initiates the annual training and certification of personnel for service. For the third time in the summer (from June 28 to July 3) on the fertile land planted in the Black Forest clockmakers of our troops. True, the troops – it’s too loud said. Optimal group size, with specific teaching and learning, is only six people. On the German side in the program brings together leading experts Hermle, training is conducted in Russian. A significant portion of the costs of training falls on domestic firms: pay airfare and hotel accommodation. Everything else is provided by Hermle, including pay and working hours of their best people. If it were not obvious practical benefit of studying abroad, it is unlikely our company would spend money on travel and ordinary employees, a Hermle – to reveal their closely guarded trade secrets from outsiders.

The fact that many of the secrets and subtleties of service mechanisms Hermle can only be understood in Goshayme when their eyes we observe the coherence of the production and support services company.

Hermle Masters with 30 years of experience taught properly disassemble and assemble the mechanisms to install them in the watch, debug and monitor, diagnose and prevent possible malfunctions. Our experts explain the meaning of each transaction that takes place on an assembly line, and answer questions.

Hermle - School of Excellence

Museum, shop, manufacturing

But starting this intense training program is only the second day of training. And the first – Sunday – completely set aside for training, at first sight not directly related to travel. For a start – visit the largest museum in the German sentry Furtvangene. His impressive collection covers the entire history of the Black Forest clock industry. Tour the museum, in addition to general knowledge, and provides invaluable practical use. Only after studying the evolution of the centuries-old timers, it is clear why their details now look this way and not another, forming a clear understanding of the nuances of the mechanics and professional flair, so you need any competent watchmaker. Incidentally, the same is Furtvangene Graduate School of Engineering – source of manpower for the German watchmaking. Visit the wizard, and countless local watch shops – an exhibition of the achievements of Black Forest watchmaking. Indeed, in this mountainous land, “German-speaking Switzerland,” everything is connected to the clock. It was here in Schoenwald Ketterer was born – the inventor of the cuckoo clock. This is shown mounted near the hotel monument master.

Schedule of training is very intense. At 8 am the master sent to the production of Hermle and returned to the room just before dawn. A few days must thoroughly inspect the plant in Reichenbach, which produces hourly detail, and two factories in Goshayme which produce ready-made tools and watches. Binding and a pleasant surprise in the internship program is a personal acquaintance with the owners of our watchmakers and CEO cousins Rolf and Gerd Hermle. Like all the staff, they work hard every day and in their workplaces. There, in the headquarters of the Hermle, is the last paragraph of visits – the service department. In his study walls Wizard typical problems associated with improper use hours, types of faults that arise and troubleshooting.

Completes the internship full discussion and exchange of experiences with experts Hermle. It sums up the intensive program and provides an opportunity to clarify issues watchmakers, which they have emerged during the internship.

Autograph brothers Hermle

It is known that respected watch brands with understandable trepidation treat their industrial secrets, the more such industry leaders as Hermle. Technical documentation is strictly confidential, and the only way to understand complex issues – the demand for places at leading production engineers, designers or customer service representatives and control. After all, the subtleties of service mechanism are countless: accuracy of the adjustment, including in mechanisms with attached swing, system setup and a fight ring, centering the front and rear axles, design features an anchor, the value of working clearances, method of testing followed by removal of possible deviations and more , much more. Please note that Hermle produces more than four dozen major types of mechanisms and their many variants. It is important to see what tools work Hermle masters and how they are used. Is worth mentioning that the training given to each participant a set of proprietary tools from time Hermle. He secret that to get them in Russia is very problematic. And, of course, at the end of training issued by the masters of personal certificates, the qualifications required for service hours Hermle. Under the certificate bears the signature of one of the brothers Hermle.

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