Emporio Armani: wear and wear. Secret style of Armani is in the modernity and relevance of the brand.

Emporio Armani


Suit from Armani
Secret style of Armani is in the modernity and relevance of the brand. What would the new fashion trends may arise, always, so that its collection does not go against them, while at the same time and do not follow them. Often it is the Armani sets the tone for something new in the world of fashion, avoiding, however, instructive and persuasive dictate. The fact is that, unlike many fashion designers, Armani does not change their perceptions of fashion in favor of the market, while remaining faithful to such criteria as elegance and practicality.

Emporio Armani
By the year 1975, that is, the time base in Milan, his home models, forty Giorgio Armani have already had behind him two years of study at a medical college, military service, passion for photography, design showcases the store in the prestigious La Rinas-cente, and not least , a nine-year experience in a fashion designer Nino Cerutti at the beginning. After parting with Cerutti in 1970 and after working freelance for four years, Armani created his own business.

However, he would have remained “one of the” Italian fashion designers, known to a narrow circle of European bohemia, if not for Hollywood. In the 80’s Italian fashion began to conquer America (along with Armani, Versace moved across the ocean, Bennetton, Gucci and other legendary names, which – strange as it sounds – until then had been almost unknown), and it is their luxurious style, fit and free frivolous flirtation with classical music made a revolution in filmmaking.

It can be said for the first time Giorgio Armani’s made people pay attention to the clothes the actors, not just the actresses. It was with was released in 1980 movie “American Gigolo” in which a favorite of women of all ages and nationalities, Richard Gere appears in clothes from Armani, and began the history of the conquest of the American market. Since then, more than a hundred Hollywood films of his dresses and suits worn by stars such as Bruce Willis, Jodie Foster, Samuel Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio, Uma Thurman, John Travolta and Jackie Chan.

Simple pleasures
Armani style accessories so clear and concise that it chose the brand Fossil American concern for the production of its first license fashion brand.

The choice fell on the youth line Emporio Armani, because it was much easier to create ruler hour than to a strict pompous line Giorgio Armani. In creating the first brand watch collections Armani himself was directly involved by inventing the concept of hours, and designed within the overall style of the House. Here is how the designer described the idea of time collection Emporio Armani: “I made this clock for young men and women who understand that this classic style is so clear, to listen to your own taste, not to the dictates of fashion. The line of Emporio Armani Orologi – a balancing act between modern forms materials and traditional watchmaking values. Watches Emporio Armani – a clock that could be a person like me: very well versed in fashion and expensive suits, but his favorite jeans and clothing counting black T-shirt. The same can be and tell about girls and women, for whom are these watches – they are very fashionable, very sexy and bright, but not enough to forget about the timeless joys of human life. ”

Here in these “simple pleasures”, a unique ability to see their Armani and express virtually every line of its products, and the secret of the fact that its brand is probably the only one that everyone is extremely positive emotions and good mood.

Emporio Armani
Golden mean
Many fashion brands ruining the pursuit of excessive originality and shocking. Armani has never tried to be extravagant and stand where it should not. For example, the range of Emporio Armani watch brand is divided into three classic collections: Classics, Sports and Ladies, and move beyond this traditional segmentation are not going to.

Incidentally, the power of charm style “suit from Armani” is so great that Emporio Armani – a rare fashion brand, which has sold men’s model is not worse than women’s. And not just because of the popularity of clothing.Just watch men’s Emporio Armani-it’s really normal male watches, which is convenient to define time, which can be worn with a suit or jeans and are in quality and design match the level of the prestigious European brands.

As has been repeatedly stated, Emporio Armani does not seek to impress the buyer, and simply offers people what they want to wear. For example, model AR0149 – this is quite classic men’s watch in a rectangular enclosure with Roman dial markings and retrograde second time zone in the “b”. This model is almost representative of the class in which there is nothing from the usual definition of a “fashion brand”, but the famous logo of Emporio Armani in the form of a stylized eagle.

Emporio Armani

So in fact and costumes by Armani – it’s not fashion, not the dream of secular party-goers, but for things of real life, for those who are only seeking their own labor. At the same time men’s watches Emporio Armani stylish just as much as it implies the canons of classical men’s fashion. The collection of the many models on the leather straps that fit with the face color of tobacco or anthracite design models is maintained, mainly in the style of the 30s: a clear Roman or Arabic markings, side second hand, a small window index date.

The same can be said about the collection of Sport:chronograph, water resistant watch on rubber bracelets or leather straps studded with large, look at the same time youth, fashion and really sporty, it is quite suitable for a hike in the club, and for training or jogging .

And, finally, a line of Ladies, is also quite traditionally divided into two collections: Classic and Fashion. The first presents elegant model with rectangular steel buildings for office, with clear markings on the steel or leather strap, and an evening option, with gold-plated, inlaid with mother of pearl dial and. In the second design model assembled bright colors in the original form of buildings and inlaid with colored stones.

It looks like he Armani wants to ensure that its products were not only nice to wear, but nice to sell all the collection is so clearly segmented, that sellers do not have to puzzle over, to whom and for what cases they could come watch and how extol their virtues. Emporio Armani watches should just buy and wear.

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