Eberhard & Co. official sponsor of the Grand Prize of the Adriatic.Once again the brand Eberhard & Co. has become involved

Eberhard & Co


Once again the brand Eberhard & Co. has become involved in a sporting event of excellence, like the rest of the sport is the soul of every clock manufactured by the brand.

It took place last weekend in June the 6th Adriatic Grand Prix, the prestigious event that each year more than 100 thoroughbred horses starring Arab evaluated by an international jury for their beauty and elegance.

Even this year’s competition, supported by ANIA (Italian National Arabian Horse Association), has been a great success attracting millions of fans and visitors.

Eberhard & Co., the official sponsor of the event since its first edition, has awarded the Best in Show Award Eberhard Shownel the mare belonging to the Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, which has won over the jury with the elegance of the movements, the ‘ harmony of the body and the charm of dark mane, in contrast with its bright light gray coat.

Eberhard & Co. and the Grand Prize of the Adriatic: a partnership of elegance, exquisite attention to detail and versatility.

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