Ebel is celebrating its 100th anniversary.Ebel watch company celebrated its 100th anniversary.



Ebel watch company celebrated its 100th anniversary. Company history is rich with various events. At various stages, the company went through a few owners. However, despite various difficulties, the company has managed to survive Ebel and continue its work on the production hours.

According to company president Luca Oprinsena economic crisis had a positive impact on the company. “Our jewelers have focused on local customers, and managed to overcome the difficulties of the economic crisis, and even more – to get a good profit. Compared with 2009, in 2010 we recorded 20% growth in turnover “, – he said.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the company released a limited series of watches in the Classic 100 symbolic units in 1911. The price for that is also highly symbolic euro in 1911.

Ebel watches got their name from the first letters of the names of their founders: Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, who in 1911 founded the company Ebel in La Chaux-de-Fonds Fabrique. After the successful launch of originality and technical excellence Ebel watches have been widely recognized, especially in market jewelry watches.

Today it is hard to believe, but to acquire the U.S. company brand MGI Luxury Group, which owns and watches Movado and Concord, Ebel has specialized in the manufacture of elegant ladies jewelry watches. Now actively developing the Ebel Men’s watch, and how! Mark Ebel working with football clubs, letting the clock in honor of football clubs like Madrid, Real, Olinpique Lyon and Ajax of Amsterdam.

In 2007, Ebel has signed a partnership agreement with the famous British football club Arsenal, and a year later a similar treaty was signed to the famous Munich “Bavaria”. And it’s not just a clock with symbols of the club, but a real fan’s dream. Narunchye watch Ebel FC Vauern 1911 series are equipped with caliber Ebel 245, which not only counts the two halves match, but also captures additional scheduled time! Scottish football club Glasgow Rangers and now has its own clock Ebel.

During the Second World War produced Ebel models commissioned by the British Royal Air Force. Technical advances Ebel watches those times are amazing. For example, the forerunner of modern miniaturization – 96 gauge thickness of 1.7 mm. And watch Ebel caliber 059 with the development in 1961 already had the original crown on the back of the case.

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