Draw time

Draw time


If you love to draw. If you are a creative person. If the dull gray minutes was not enough space in your busy life colors. If every minute is a break through creative idea, a new gadget called Alessi is to your creative soul.

Watch, white as the entire outer surface, so white and inside, without a hint of what may be a number, point, Roman “flourish.” The brilliant thing for those who wish to teach their children to know the time for those who want to paint the future. Agree, nice thing, drew the numbers from one to twenty-four, next drew a comparative figure, and taking on health. In the gadget includes watches, elegant white and black marker.

The combination of colors as the yin and yang. Powered by two snow device not much larger AA batteries, which are not supplied with the watch. But those who are quickly bored her art, and even in the primitive, uncommon black, there is another suggestion. The same white gadget with only five colored markers and nail, there is no nail polish and remover of Arts from the gadget. The cost of such devaysa very high, and is equal to one hundred and fifty-five U.S. dollars. And it is only with a black marker, with no fluid to clear the Arts, in other words with a single surface. A complete all of the components can be purchased for two hundred dollars. Almost none of what the price difference, but the layout is essential. In general, watch for creative, creative individuals with incomes not only in the creative fields, but with sufficient finances. For more would come up with such diverse expressions in terms of gadgets. You can even read out the slogan that is so and turns on his mind: “Add bright life in minutes!”

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