Clock that will stop End of the World.Swiss watch company has released 219 hours altogether



Swiss watch company has released 219 hours altogether unexpected – they count the time until the end of the world, which the famous film “2012” and the Mayan calendar, must be held December 21, 2012.

About the end of the world is not yet known, but created two weeks ago, the Swiss watch brand 219 by this time just disappear promises by the assurance of its eccentric founder. Creating a watch company 219 – merit a young trader in precious stones. In December 2012 he intends to “bring it to the victim” – to stop the watch and go to Mexico to lose hours from the Mayan pyramids, which had made sacrifices to the gods, to postpone the end of the world. Who knows, maybe 2013 will come just hours through 219.

In this word of editor in chief WatchElse Thierry Brandi, “from an aesthetic and marketing point of view, this idea is very successful.”

219 hours themselves declare themselves as primarily a premium product, not the subject of shocking.

Although many collectors, however, the cost is very outrageous hours: 300 000 euro per copy! Released just 12 hours of models 219.

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