Bracelet time – fantastic on the wrist. When watching science fiction movies very often you can see a variety

Bracelet time


When watching science fiction movies very often you can see a variety of futuristic gadgets that our world had not yet invented. And often, these gadgets are made in the form of wrist devices, as well as bracelets. When you look at a watch bracelet of time, it seems that the future is not so far away, and fiction films are not very much different from today. Bracelet watches the time – not just watch, in general, they are more like a bracelet than a watch.

This is quite a nice stylish bracelet is worn comfortably in the hand, but not all at the same time note that this is not no bracelet and concealed watch. Feature not only the hours that they are made in the form of a bracelet, but also in how they represent the original time. The thing is that the two dials located on both ends of the bracelet. One of them shows a clock, the second – a minute. Naturally, both electronic dial. It turns out that the hour and minute dials are separated, one is located under the other, but this does not prevent easily tell time. The main thing – all done very tastefully, and even a spy-style – in fact most of the passers-by do not notice that you have on hand watches. It is unknown whether the clock will go to the free market, if so, and then buyers will choose between a red body and black body. It is also possible that if the gadget is popular, then it will be other functions, except for hours, such as the definition of weather, communications, software, but so far he only knows how to tell time. Hours will be a good gift for those interested in science fiction ideas, and for those who appreciate good design and interesting engineering solutions. And if you’re a secret agent, or preparing for it, then the hours you just need.

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