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Blancpain VilleretBlancpain Villeret


Last year hour Manufacture Blancpain starts rethinking Collection Villeret. The fruit of this process was the new watches Blancpain Villeret Timezone 30 minutes Demi-Savonnette display with second time zone, up to an hour.

These clocks are particularly useful when traveling in India and Venezuela, whose time is just 30 minutes different from the official time zone. With the new, more accurate complication in hours Blancpain Villeret you guaranteed punctuality.

To do this, Blancpain just bore the hours and minutes on a small dial in the “12 o’clock”, and the central three arrows left to indicate second time zone. For the sake of convenience for the second time zone is oriented and date indicator, located in the “6 o’clock”.

For the convenience of the traveler who used to it could easily confuse the time of day and night, watches Blancpain Villeret Timezone 30 minutes Demi-Savonnette are close to the figure IX display time of day, which refers to the “home” time.

Despite a number of complications, a new clock is very simple to use: any adjustments made by the crown.

The fact, that the button to select the correct date, or second time zone, is integrated directly into the crown. And in the “4:00” is an indicator for the chosen mode of its correction: D is the date and time translation T mode GMT.

The design model also retained the classic features of the line Villeret, whose hours are available by Blancpain in the 1980s. Watches Blancpain Villeret Timezone 30 minutes Demi-Savonnette have 40mm case made of red gold with a hinged back cover, behind which is visible through the transparent glass machinery – automatic 5254DF with power reserve of 72 hours.

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