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Armin StromArmin Strom


The famous Swiss brand Armin Strom in close cooperation with its partner Marazzi Sailing introduced a new watch for sailing on the occasion of sponsorship sailing competitions in the ancient Swiss castle Gumligen.

Armin StromArmin Strom
Proceeds from the sale hours will be spent on equipment and financial support for the Olympic sailing team and Flavio Marazzi world champion.

Excellent sporting event, organized by the watch brand Armin Strom and his partner, Marazzi Sailing, passed June 23, 2011 in a cozy and warm atmosphere of the castle in the Bernes Gumligen. Regatta was organized in miniature. Boat model replicas, dashed off at full sail on waves of the indoor pool of the castle, barely reaching one meter in length. Later, the smells of sea wind and ocean salt is reflected in the festive dishes prepared by Executive Chef Rene Shudelem club, which pamper guests twenty genuine Mediterranean food for gourmets.

This event released a new line of watches ARMIN Sailing Regulator in a limited quantity of 12 copies. Category sailing is reflected not only in the colors of hours. Shipbuilding technology deeply integrated into the mechanism of a wristwatch. The masts of boats, replicas, made from high quality aluminum, were melted and subsequently used as a material for the individual components.

The models are based on the manufacturing machinery ARMIN STROM caliber ASR07 Manual, retrograde date and displaced from the center of the dial indicator. The unique mechanism of 24 precious stones has a 46-hour power reserve. Titanium body with a diameter 43.60 mm dressed in PVD-coated in black. The dial is made in two colors: black and blue. The attached straps made from genuine alligator skin and rubber black with titanium buckle.

Invited guests were given a unique opportunity to buy a watch and support the company Marazzi Sailing in its preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games.

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