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Antitrust CommissionAntitrust Commission


Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission Martenet Vincent said that the decision Swatch-ETA – rather delicate situation for the commission. “Private interests are integral to the functioning of the market in which we operate, but in this situation, we inevitably run the risk to be used in the opposing sides. That is, on the one hand through the Swatch Group we try to ensure the legitimacy of its decision to reduce supplies of its mechanisms and details to them the clock companies, on the other – patrons Nivarox / ETA expect us to protect their rights. We have to be very difficult. We are under double pressure. And in order to make the right decision, we must deeply analyze the situation “, – chairman of the Anti-Monopoly Commission.

Antitrust CommissionAntitrust Commission
According to him, in this case can not always continue to maintain the status quo. Thus, Swatch Group will gradually reduce their supply of parts / tools. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that until the commission begins its investigation, the existing solutions are still open. Until then, companies will have to wait.

“The decision will be made within 12 to 18 months. We must consider all factors, such as the problem of the famous spring Nivarox, which is almost unparalleled in the watch market. To solve this problem is not so easy “- added Martenet.

According to Marteneta dominant firm, means a Swatch Group to supply parts to third-party companies to hour. However, it should be noted that this in turn is not very positive impact on the company’s long-term. “We must find an alternative solution,” – he concluded.

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