Anne Klein. Alma Mater Fashion. Last spring, the American consumer research center Jewellery

Anne Klein. Alma Mater Fashion


Last spring, the American consumer research center Jewellery Consumer Opinion Council (JCOC) has published data from a survey of buyers in age from 18 to 24 years relative to the demand for watches and watch brands popularity. In the ranking of the most recognizable and popular youth brands in the top ten was named Anne Klein – fashion watches for over 30 years successfully produced one of the largest U.S. corporations hourly E. GIuck.

Russian consumers and even many retailers, the name of both companies says little. This is not surprising – she E. GIuck, which competes at home with Fossil, Sequel and the Swatch Group, only a few years ago, began its expansion into Europe. Meanwhile, without clothing and accessories brand Anne Klein is impossible to imagine a picture of modern fashion, but without knowing the history of E. GIuck, a description of the formation of the fashion industry will be totally biased hours.

Anne Klein. Alma Mater Fashion
Watch company E. GIuck was founded in 1955 on Long Island businessman Eugene Gluck, who is now the owner and manager. Gluck was not original – he was guided by the same audience as the Timex: on the vast middle class who needs cheap, but quality and attractive watch. But with the market mechanism quartz Gluck first saw then quite undeveloped, but a very attractive niche, which can be called “people’s luxury.” Quartz has balanced all the manufacturers, the cost of reduced hours – well, E. GIuck ready to offer to consumers for the same reasonable price watch, which is not ashamed to put on “Exit”: with this gold-plated mother of pearl dial, and even these, though not very expensive diamonds. Today, this collection is found in many brands, and in the early 70’s quality and prestige looking clock E. GIuck for 100-300 dollars made a splash.

Then there was Mark E. GIuck Armitron. Her motto is simple and comprehensive, and today remains the same: the best watch for the best price. Armitron was conceived as a private label E. GIuck. But then, in the mid-’70s, the Gluck has another revolutionary idea: the same pattern as the Armitron, produce watches under license from the famous fashion brand. And the first project in 1976 began hours Anne Klein.

As you might guess, at that time, Anne Klein was the only time the fashion brand in the United States and some time in the world. Anne Klein Sales were so stable that after 18 years in 1992, when the Swiss watch industry was just beginning to get on its feet, the annual turnover of hours Anne Klein was more than 30 million dollars, and the company E. GIuck – more than 150 million.

In the same year to bring the clock Anne Klein grown younger generation 90, has launched a brand Anne Klein II, a youth and “lite.” Its collection is dominated by sports fashion model, and the retail price was on average twice as lower than that of “elder sister”, and ranged from 90 to 195 dollars. After the first year of sales Anne Klein II total income of the two brands grew by almost $ 20 million and caught up with the turnover of all (!) Fashion brand Fossil. Anne Klein II for the designers came up with not only new buildings, which combine matte and polished steel surface, but also inlaid with colored crystals, which was recognized as “chip, the” authoritative fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily.

Subsequently, the project E. GIuck added another fashion brand, Nine West, aimed at advanced urban youth, including two associated with celebrities: hours JLo (produced in collaboration with Jennifer Lopez) and Trump (Donald Trump’s watch), as well as millions of contracts with studios Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network, according to which E. GIuck is the only licensed manufacturer of hours after the famous movie characters and animated blockbusters. In addition, E. GIuck produces multi-functional watches, which are the official gear of individual parts of the U.S. Army.

However, the first and most successful project, in fact, the “face” E. GIuck more than 30 years remains a mark of Anne Klein. “We have so many years been leading the market of mass fashion, because she created the Anne Klein brand clothing, which everybody likes, – explains the success of long-term time trends CEO Anne Klein Mark Odenhemer. – The second this brand almost impossible to find, so for us Anne Klein – this is a real treasure. ”

Anne Klein. Alma Mater Fashion

To see what Mark says Odenhemer, must be that American fashion Anne Klein – this is really alma mater, as Dior for the French. In the 60s and 70s it was in the studio of Anne Klein in New York presented their first collection of Calvin Klein, beginning designers, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren. It was Anne Klein’s made out of talented young designers who work with her in the company began its ascent to the heights of the fashion industry.

Work by Anna Klein sought to do everything – her brand became a symbol of a new birth of an original New York style, which is now the standard fashion throughout the world. Anne Klein has simplified the complex cut-chic to the practical, she was the first erected in the sports fashion rank everyday, finally, Anne Klein, from the beginning was the focus not on the piece orders, and the mass market, a market of millions.

“Without Anne Klein would not have the modern concept of designer sportswear and casual clothing, she first made a fashion understandable, practical and affordable” – described the role of the legendary New York fashion designer Calvin Klein, her pupil.

Anne Klein was born in New York in 1923. Immediately after the war in 1948, along with her husband, Ben Klein, a company she created the first Junior Sophisticates, a youth-oriented fashion. But by the 60th Anne Klein, more and more interested in sporty style in an elegant ladies’ clothes, the desire to combine practicality, everyday life and character. And in 1968 in New York appeared Studio Anne Klein & Co. Interestingly, the style of Anne Klein from the outset was conceived as a total: in the early ’70s there was a successful line of shoes, accessories were added, and then watch.

In early 1974, the height of his success, Anne Klein died suddenly. However, the brand continues to thrive in the market of mass fashion. Since 1985, the collection for Anne Klein designer Isabel Toledo creates that confidence develops a concept invented by the founder of the company. In general, consistency in style, employee, and partner – is a company style Anne Klein and also one of the secrets of its success. For over 40 years, consumers have no reason to be disappointed in any style or quality.


Anne Klein watches since its inception and have not changed – of course, this is not about style but about the concept. This was intended from the outset, fashionable, high-quality model for women who appreciate the money. Granted, the price range of the two lines of the brand remains the same, in the range of Anne Klein have appeared a huge number of variety of models: young, casual, sports, evening, gold and ceramic coating, inlaid with crystals. The models established Swiss and Japanese quartz movements, the design of many collections specifically aimed at European tastes.

In addition to a long and successful history, with Anne Klein there is one very important distinction from other fashion brands: Anne Klein – this is not a local brand, designed for fans of the style and brand. This is a global international brand mass market, created to satisfy the demand for fashion watches. And the arrival of Anne Klein in the Russian market is now quite understandable: the brand is where the demand is particularly acute.

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