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Alarm is looking for collaborators Alarm is looking for collaborators


Everyone familiar with the situation where, despite the ringing of an alarm clock, waking up still do not want to – then we simply turn it off or it is transferred to 10 minutes in advance. As a consequence – being late for work, study and other problems. Therefore, developer’s alarms thinking about how to make sure that the alarm could not be so easy to turn off. And they came up with a watch that can be set up against you all next devices. With this alarm clock can be turned into alarm clocks and all other devices equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack. Hours are equipped with several Bluetooth keys included.

They can make an alarm clock any device that has a 3.5mm jack for headphones. And those are complete; most apartments have a few such devices. If they are all in your room, then everything is perfect – you wake up anyway. As soon as the alarm clock rings – in the process connect all other devices – computer, phone and TV. As a consequence, we obtain a cacophony, which is much more difficult to hear than the sound of the alarm. Sounds from all sides provoke you to stop this madness – but, unlike the clock, there will have to tinker, because each device will shut down individually. While you’re – wake up. The only problem – all of these devices should be kept enabled, otherwise an alarm clock as they were then run. But nothing prevents them adjust to the inclusion of a timer, if the opportunity is there. But if the problem is waking up to you is very important – do not save on electricity, try to wake up from this clock at least a few times, but there can and will get used. And yet – if you have thin walls, the cacophony of multiple devices may not be to the very soul of your neighbors – so better be careful and cautious.

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