Alarm clock will tell about the weather.Most people today do not relate very well to the alarm clock

Alarm clock


Most people today do not relate very well to the alarm clock – it is a necessary thing though, but very often spoil their dreams buzzing or beeping. But change is related to the alarm clock, if he will play a very useful feature? Know all about the weather they want – regardless of location, gender, age and occupation.

Everyone wondering what to wear on any given day, how to plan a day, can I go to nature, or better to take the movie tickets. Modern technologies allow determining the weather for several days, and although these forecasts are not always accurate, people still are oriented on them. Alarm clock, which we describe, can not just wake up in time, but also to show the weather in your city. In all, he set more than 150 cities, so you only need to choose from. Weather data is transferred directly from the company’s servers. Transfer is carried out every 15 minutes, which is absolutely enough for you to always have a fresh outlook.

We hope that this device will allow many to reconsider the negative attitude to the alarm clock, for example, you wake up, and then you see – yyy will be the sun, so must enjoy a new day. And even if the alarm predicts rain, it’s still good – because you’ll know that you need to take an umbrella or a raincoat. The weather not only shown on the current day, but for 3 days. In addition to determining the time and signals the alarm can also determine the temperature in the next three days, wind speed and direction, humidity. He also shows always accurate, because a regulatory mechanism and is compared with the accurate time server via the Internet. Approximate price alarm – $ 50, it is for so much you can buy online Amazon, but no one stops to look at other sites.

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