A unique collection of Tourbillon Hommage a Boucheron. It is believed that the language of stones – it is the language of feelings.

A unique collection


It is believed that the language of stones – it is the language of feelings. Each stone has its own, its specific characteristics and history. Lapis lazuli, the noble stone-colored sky, which for centuries accompanied the man and has always been considered a sacred stone. For ancient peoples, he was one of the most beloved and vysokotsenimyh gems and often used in jewelry of royalty. Ancient Sumerians and the Egyptians called lapis “stone of heaven” and how many other civilizations that existed even six thousand years ago, considered him one of the most expensive stone, using it as a measure of value.

The name of the semiprecious stone that symbolizes success is very closely connected with Russia. And not only because here on the lake, is one of the largest Lazurite fields. He left his imprint on the history and culture of the country, especially in the XVIII – XIX centuries, when the lapis lazuli was on – this iconic stone.

In Tsarist Russia, “lapis – lazuli” was very popular in high society, since it has produced highly stone cutting and pasting items of jewelry for noble people. Among other things, lapis lazuli used in interiors of many famous mansions, palaces and cathedrals, the most famous of them – Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

Paying homage to this noble tradition, the Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille with one of the most famous jewelry companies in the world Boucheron, founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron, produce unique Tourbillon RM 018 Lapis Ruze.

These watches come in a special meeting “Hommage a Boucheron”, devoted to 150th anniversary of French jewelry brand. Like the other watches in the collection, male RM 018 Lapis Ruze created in one single copy and is a real piece of watchmaking and jewelry. In the case of 18-carat white gold, combining the features of the Richard Mille family with proprietary design Boucheron, located a perfect mechanism, some of the details of which are made of lapis lazuli. Through the glass on the front and the back side you can see how the sunlight shining lapis lazuli all its colors, even reminiscent of a clear blue sky, not the lush painted blue.

Production of RM 018 Lapis Ruze and other hours of the collection “Hommage a Boucheron” deal, both companies: Richard Mille is responsible for creating buildings and machinery, and Boucheron selects and processes the stones, which are integrated into the movement.

Collection RM 018 “Hommage a Boucheron” – is one of the most successful examples of joint efforts of master’s watch and jewelry business. This project was a challenge for both companies, this terra incognita (unknown land). Their work was the perfect work of art – a watch with a mechanism, parts of which are made of semiprecious and precious stones. This technological achievement for – opened a new beauty in its truest sense.

The collection “Hommage a Boucheron” includes, including and RM 018 Lapis Ruze, only 30 instances of unique watches. This is due to the extreme complexity of the work and the fact that much of it is done manually. Each of these models has its own distinct combination of stones.

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