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Richard Mille with the jewelry company Doux Joaillier announced the launch of limited edition watches “Nuit Blanche”. This collection – a tribute to the long collaboration of Richard Mile and Richard Dux.

Since opening its first boutique in Avignon in 1965, Richard Dux “worked” only in the most exclusive products and brands. Its network of stores in St. Tropez and Krushevele was the “trend” for those who appreciate high-quality watches and jewelry. Aficionado to the original ideas and unusual solutions Dux is trying to always be at the forefront. In this sense, the new collection “Nuit Blanche” is a natural extension of long traditions started.

“I really liked the idea of creating watches exclusively for Doux, as they are – a fantastic team. I love working with Richard Dux “, – said Richard Miles.

”Nuit Blanche” – sort of a thematic continuation of the most successful models RM 011, 007 and 016. The collection is available in limited edition. Total produced 12 models, which will be available only in stores Doux.

Watch case is made of white gold, which is “equipped” with white rubber strap.

About Richard Mille
Hours of Richard Mille some of the most technologically advanced in the world of Haute Horlogerie. When they are created using modern super complex materials used in aerospace and automotive industries. The founder of the company Richard Mile is rightly considered a pioneer in the world chasostroeniya. He’s one of those who broke the conventional stereotypes and offered a new interpretation of existing ideas. In constructing their model, the company is guided by three principles: complexity, the original technical content and ergonomics.

The first model of the Richard Mille appeared in 2001. But before it was publicly released, the model was subjected to rigorous testing to ensure maximum reliability of hours. This model was TourbiLLon RM 001; subsequently it was replaced by a model of RM 002. These technocratic concepts created by mixing the achievements of time, the aviation and automotive industries. “We use the latest technology. Similarly, create cars “Formula 1”. A modern engine is constructed with the help of computer-aided design programs, but some details are polished by hand. I take the best from the future as well as from the past, only to get the right result “, – says the founder of Richard Miles. Some models can be assembled in 3-4 months, which is responsible for the entire process of one person.

Design hours – it’s a separate issue. The watch has a three-dimensional structure. This kind of micro-futuristic gothic. For its entire laconic tough they attract the eye and the perfect execution of bold defiance.

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