Wristwatches with a hidden camera and 8 GB.Many school children, students, journalists,



Many school children, students, journalists, and anyone would be happy to new models of watches, which recently submitted a public producers. New – a wrist sports watch with a hidden camera and 8 GB. These watches will enjoy all.

They are very comfortable and functional. With a sporty design, they fit under your every casual wear. A hidden camera built into the metal casing of these stylish sports watch will allow you to capture everything you need and you will never miss an important moment in your life. Built-in memory of 8 GB will continuously make video and audio recording for 8 – 10 hours and in excellent quality and excellent sound. Captured video can throw a computer with a miniUSB cable and the video will be ready to view in the format of AVI. On top of these watches sports watches can not be afraid of exposure to water. They are certainly not suitable for diving and snorkeling, but sprays and drops them no how much these sprays do not affect the clarity of shots. Wonderful gadget is ideal for those who study in schools and colleges, on pairs of lectures boring, not interesting and you always want to do something fun. Especially for these students and to create these watches. Press the button, the recording went and quietly go about their business, came home and listened to the entire lecture at home. Or, for example, your child’s matinee, and you did not have to hand the camcorder, but it may be in your hand and help you capture the most touching moments in your life. And with the help of hidden cameras and motion detection you can easily spy on your other half and she did not suspect, because the camera is so small and inconspicuous that a simple glance it is very difficult to detect.

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