Wristwatches Klaus Botta Day and night

Wristwatches Klaus Botta


Blog we have repeatedly told you about a watch with one hand and each time the principle of work was not similar to each other. Now present you yet another novelty on the one hand and now I’ll tell you about the principle of these watches and clocks in general.

So, as I have previously stated in this watch is only one arrow, but the author apparently has decided to compensate the “damage” and instead of the twelve numbers on the dial placed twenty-four and for the whole day hand makes one revolution. Just dial visually horizontally divided into two parts, “day” and “night”. As soon as morning comes, the arrow goes out of the dark half, and once in the court evening, the needle enters the dark part of the dial, repeating the movement of the sun. The creator of these interesting and unusual gadget was the German designer Klaus Botta (Klaus Botta), founder of the studio Botta Design and winner of numerous awards in the field of designer hours. This innovation is not just a concept, they are already running in production and all swing for sale, Klaus Botha never misses a chance to please their supporters and we’re always surprised them here so that’s novelties. Their offspring author called UNO 24 and in the production of these watches use the highest quality materials. Watch case made of stainless steel, do not miss the dust, drops of water and other harmful substances, super durable sapphire glass on the dial and strap of leather (but can also be replaced by a leather strap with rubber or steel). Bott, Klaus (Klaus Botta) invested in this model only the highest quality and durable materials and, of course, so the model hours UNO 24 is not cheap, depending on the strap price veils from 300 to 400 euros. But to be honest, these watches are worth and get them you’ll be able to see this.

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