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On the market today gadget devices, you can find a lot of watch models that have built-in mobile phone. However, some manufacturers have gone a little different way. For example, the model swaps Rebel – this is not a watch with a built-in phone, and vice versa – in the form of phone hours. The appearance of the mobile device is very similar in design and shape on IPod nano. But according to his ability, IPod nano and swap Rebel simply not comparable. The latter is much more functional and practical than the offspring of an American company Apple. The display of this phone has a fairly modest size, however, as the device itself.

Nevertheless, the data-clock phone have a touch screen, which is quite clearly displays all the information necessary for the user. Screen size, incidentally, is only 1.46 inches. On top of the display of these watches are produced in TFT, so that the picture is very bright and saturated the most diverse color palette. Included with the phone for hours, also has a stylus, which will use the product even more comfortable. Through this port is no longer necessary at all times to carry the cable, you can use a clock-capable phone to a computer directly through the strap. Additional features include a built-in mp3-player, radio, camera, video player, calendar, Internet. The device has many different colors of colors, so anyone can pick up this gadget to your liking.

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