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Everyone has long been known in the world market technique Korean company LG, wristwatch, producing televisions, DVD-players, stereos, vacuum cleaners, telephones, microwaves, kettles and many other technology, has released another new product – “chasofon. What is “chasofon” absolutely not difficult to guess, is the name of two objects, which merge to a single subject.

That beige watch crossed with a telephone, and received a “hybrid” as “chasofona. This new gadget was not an elaborate title “Watch Phone” that basically translates as “Watch Phone”. In view of this “Watch Phone” does not differ from conventional electronic wristwatch, but the exterior of the case, is misleading and it is precisely this case. Yes, the designers, of course, done their best, elegant, stylish design, sleek design and leather and so attract the attention of any passer-by, who only look at them. And what lies inside these watches nobody even guesses. Well, naturally the first thing they function as a clock indicating the current time. The rest of the other times they will be totally replaced the phone. With the Bluetooth headset, you can connect with anyone, but with a large touch screen you can manage all functions of the phone. You can manage your contacts, play games, send messages, take pictures, record videos and even surf the Internet. Yes, no clock, just a dream of any tehnomana himself to James Bond envious navochennym such things. But in our time nor for anyone to spy does not have such devices we just simplify life, making it easy and carefree. And if they have to for someone to spy, then with the help of “Watch Phone” it can be done easily and is not noticeable.

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