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We have repeatedly told you about wristwatches of different shapes, designs and different principles of operation, talked about the clock without hands and dials, with additional features and devices such as telephones, radios, music players, lasers, and many other things, about watches for men and women individually and collectively.

But we have never not talked about a wristwatch with distanntsonnym control, and in this article focuses on these hours. Well, first we meet them, watch the remote control got the name “The Television Remote Control Wristwatch”, which translated means “watch television remote control.” And the essence of these watches is very simple. With watches «The Television Remote Control Wristwatch» you can easily control your TV (to switch channels, adjust volume, switch on and off the TV, change the settings, etc). And all this can do with six buttons, which are located on the sides of the watch. This gadget can “manage” not only to your TV, but most models of DVD-players, music centers and other appliances. Such an arrangement is certainly very like the people who love to spend time watching television or listening to music while lying on the couch. And the eternal problem of loss of remote control too quickly resolved, if you purchase “The Television Remote Control Wristwatch”, because your remote control will always be in your hand. To all other clocks are not ashamed to put on and just like that, they look stylish, neat and very nice. The size of her watch is not very big 5h4h1, 3 inches and their weight is about 100 grams.

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