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Modern manufacturers of new electronic devices are trying to introduce into their gadgets more and more different functions, making them more versatile as possible. For example, clocks an hour, which can serve as a music player and stereo, and a means for viewing images or photographs. Of course, such devices are becoming very popular in the market, as interesting, useful and very practical.Usually buy such a device, even if it is expensive, much cheaper than to buy all of its components separately, for example, clocks and a player in the amount of more than a device that combines and hours, and the player.

A new series of such devices is the gadget called Lobster, which is being developed by the famous Italian designer Danilo Mangina. If the device is evaluated only subjectively, there is nothing special about it does not find – a large screen and many features, but it is common in many modern watches. But originality is that it can be connected to additional modules that can provide just such functionality, the user wants, instead of pre-filled set of functions. Sets of modules can be purchased separately, it is precisely for this purpose they are intended – to select just those modules that you need immediately. While the largest number of modules that can be attached – 5 pieces. For example, MP3-player, camera, navigator GPS, HDD storage and cardiometry. By adding or removing modules, design of the device is retained. The advantage of this device, of course, is multifunctional. However, if the carrier has plenty of clothes, then use the gadget will be more difficult.Besides, if you wear multiple modules together, quite likely that quickly lose some of these modules.

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