Watch with your portrait on the dial. Today there are many ways to personalize your watch



Today there are many ways to personalize your watch: it is the choice of materials and execution and engraving not only the back cover, but the body … However, Vanity Mirror – this is the first wristwatch, which is the ornament of the owner.

The fact that the clocks are mirrored Vanity Mirror dial. Ie every time you look at it, you see yourself. These watches will be of particular interest to women who do not normally miss an opportunity to look at his own reflection in shop windows and other reflective surfaces.

With wristwatch Vanity Mirror admire his reflection is possible at any time, without drawing attention to it people around. By the way, what about the watch displays the time? For this purpose, a no less intricate system. When you press the button under the mirror clock face will light up bright orange-red LEDs in the form of hour and minute hands.

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