Watch with a Geiger counter.So, what in the wristwatch Geiger counter?



So, what in the wristwatch Geiger counter? After the catastrophe in a string of earthquakes in Japan and worldwide popularity of this device has increased dramatically. So why not create for him a beautiful “wrap”?

French designer Patrick invented a women’s watch Multi Watch, equipped with a Geiger counter and a GPS navigator. Combining the useful features such hours are not lost elegance and attractive appearance.

For a GPS receiver clock Multi Watch has a special removable flash drive with a color screen, which displays and all the information.

Arrows as such clocks Multi Watch do not have. Time is displayed on the bracelet with LED markers. The Blue Snake – a minute (or additional function of days) and more continuous line of lights next – hours, just having the phone to months.

According to the designer, this is not the final version of his creation. In the future, the clock can be supplemented by a new “twists”. And the “hour-long stick” certainly can be downloaded from the Internet every possible program.

Well, let’s see what surprises “French romancer” next time.

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