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Watch company CVSTOS third consecutive year, becoming the official timekeeper of racing for the Cup Grand Prix, held in May 2011. For the convenient location of official representatives of other companies invited to the VIP-guests from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Britain and the U.S. representative CVSTOS prepared decorated in an elegant classical style with a wonderful balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Only a few fans of these colorful races were able to observe the fierce struggle between the three pilots: Vettel Machine / Red Bull /, Alonso / Ferrari car / and the button / machine McLaren. After a busy road obstacles, which had been suspended because of an accident on 10 race, a race won by Sebastian Vettel.

Later, in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere were presented novelties company CVSTOS – luxury Trilogy: Challenge Twin Time GP, GP Challenge and GP Challenge EVO. All three models are based manufactory automatic CVS ​​551, which is considered the most accurate mechanical mechanism and not inferior in strength and reliability of the engines of racing cars.

These three models of watches that were released in limited quantities, have been created with a lofty goal – to pay tribute to the legendary racing in the Cup Grand Prix Formula 1.

Given that the competitions were held in parallel with the Cannes Film Festival, the racing was attended by many famous personalities in the film industry. Also, it should be noted that the rally with his presence honored the famous sports commentator channel RTL TV Florian Koenig, on the wrist is adorned with square CVSTOS Challenge GP EVO.

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