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The true purpose of watches and any other hours is an indication of the exact time. But in our time of the clocks do not understand that: the phone, the player, the camera that just does not manage to present designers to introduce a small wristwatch.

And often the modern inhabitants of the world to forget, what are hours actually. And here is familiar to all German designer named Robert Dhabi (Robert Dabi) has decided to remind everyone, are meant to do watch and offered to the new concept has become of titled “Zero Wristwatch”. These innovative watches nothing but a common clock, which show only the time and nothing more. Let this clock without hands, without dial, but they at least show the time, and neither do understand that. And this clock is easy to determine the current time, unlike other modern gadgets, which can break down the language, such as the “Verbal” Mayhew hours Tynan (Tynan Mayhew) or vision damage, looking at that same hour as is now happening with hours «Aurora» from the company TokyoFlash. In watches “Zero Wristwatch” kA we have said, no, no arrows, no dials, no buttons and any bolt, but the principle of these watches is very simple. At the stylish metal dial in a circle “swim” two comets of various sizes and indicate the time. A small comet minute counts, and big, respectively – the clock. Absolutely nothing complicated, everything is simple, easy and without any frills. Wristwatches “Zero Wristwatch” also look very stylish, succinct, no-frills, and also very bright and colorful. Designer Robert Dhabi (Robert Dabi) proposed for this devaysa very bright colors such as: bright green, blue, and also restrained colors: black, white, metal.

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