Tribute to femininity and luxury watches DeLaneau. An old Swiss watch company DeLaneau specializes in unique in design

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An old Swiss watch company DeLaneau specializes in unique in design and materials of watches, which are hand-made and mostly made to order for collectors. According to Creative Director Christina Tevny brand, “the clock DeLaneau combine exceptional quality, craftsmanship and high hourly genuine art, which takes as its soul. Luxury watches have DeLaneau truly feminine character.

All brand DeLaneau presents its new collection of women’s watches Open Magic. Ultrazhenstvenny and elegant design highlights DeLaneau hours and is a feature that characterizes the company. Just one glance at these amazing models, and your heart will reign supreme soft and classic body shapes, complemented by straight lines asymmetric bracelets. Modern, original and fascinating at the same time timeless design. Has a brand reputation, issuing a strictly limited edition collection, the newly formed line DeLaneau has all the inherent qualities of the brand: the many inlaid diamonds, gold and high grade fasteners, which according to the customer can be engraved with the initials of the new owner. Open Magic Line was created based on the collection Magic, presented for the first time in 2010. Sprinkled with loose diamonds, these cutting-edge watches, designed for everyday wear, and for cocktail parties, characterized by the dials made of a dark onyx or mother of pearl. Open Magic is an ultra light and jewelry, and convolutional mechanism. The beauty of these amazing meter time is complemented by a reliable mechanical automatic movement; beat the same rhythm as the heart of your lady.

The line offers an excellent model Open Magic WG120, encrusted with 54 diamonds cut diamonds “baguette” and 164 round diamonds. Mother of pearl dial housed at the temporary markers in the shape of a triangle made of onyx. The company logo is also made of 12 diamonds. 28 luxury stones adorn the crown. Additional semi-oval, attached to the hull is encrusted with 468 diamonds, the last link, which starts the strap and embellished with diamonds 9-style “baguette” and 34 round diamonds. Strap made of white leather fitted with gold buckle with 26 diamonds. The total weight of diamonds is 5 carats.

Two other models of the line Open Magic RG001 and Open Magic RG104 decorated with diamonds weighing 1.56 carats and 2.93, respectively.

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