The Oceanographic 4000 diver’s watch Hublot .Hublot presents, in collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum

watch Hublot


Hublot presents, in collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, King Power 48 mm Oceanographic the 4000 diver’s watch can withstand the pressure of 4,000 meters deep.

It took 18 months of research, development and testing before arriving in this brilliant result. To obtain the status of diving watch pressure-proof record of 4,000 meters, the watch had to fulfill certain characteristics, as defined by international standards of Swiss watchmaking (NIHS). The water resistance test, carried out by Hublot Roxer in the tank, allowed to bring the timepiece to a pressure equivalent to 5,000 meters deep. To overcome these tests the synthetic sapphire crystal has a thickness of 6.5 mm, the back of the case has a screw and titanium grade 2, a material extremely resistant to corrosion.

Both the titanium version is in the All Black carbon fiber Oceanographic 4000 despite its 48 mm in diameter is extremely lightweight.

watch Hublot
Prince Rainier and Jean-Claude Biver – 4000 Oceanographic

The rules require that the NIHS brightness, time and time measured from the flange, may occur only readable at a distance of 25 cm in the dark. To meet this need, dial, hands and the flange dell’Oceanographic 4000 have been optimized so as to extend the area covered SuperLuminovatm, luminescent substance in the case of titanium version emits a green color.

The indicator for the dive time is engraved on the bezel one-way ratchet that rotates inside. According to the device dell’Oceanographic 4000 and has a minute scale that clearly shows the five-minute intervals.

Oceanographic 4000 is equipped with two crowns screwed (a protection that helps ensure the impermeability through the compression of an O-ring). The crown of the flange that allows the calculation of immersion time at 2 and placed for easy access and use. E-way, again for security reasons, with bayonet screws and protected by a cover-crown oversized to ensure safety and allow easier interaction with the diving equipment. The second row, which serves the office and setting time and date, and placed at 4 o’clock.
Obviously does not lack the valve to discharge helium, an essential feature for any diver’s watch used to great depths. The valve is stainless steel and positioned at 10 o’clock.

Hublot supplies you with two straps with buckle both tight, and because it is a safer system of the clasp in these extreme use, both because it is easier to handle and close with gloves.

The strap “City” in rubber and black, the variant “sub”, which combines rubber and nylon, and longer than a normal strap, and was designed to be worn over a diving suit up to 8 mm thick.

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